Opinion: Apple is personification a dangerous diversion with the Home strategy

As we wrote final week, we trust that Apple exited a home Wi-Fi marketplace during precisely a wrong time. Back in 2004, we worked for a association that was perplexing to get into a home integration/home automation market. At a time, all was intensely complicated. All of a products were expensive, all was formidable to set up, and it wasn’t set adult good for destiny growth.

Fast brazen to 2019, and things have altered a lot. Between Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant, it couldn’t be easier to build a intelligent home that’s easy to manage, easy to correlate with, and easy to ascent in a future. The subject we wish to demeanour during currently is possibly or not Apple is doing a good pursuit during handling and offered a HomeKit platform, how a Home plan is working, and a risks for a future.

I adore HomeKit, and it’s a primary approach we correlate with my intelligent home devices. There are a series of reasons for that: it’s built right into iOS (I use it 75% of a time from Control Center), it works with Siri, and Apple is one of a usually companies that we trust with my privacy. Right before Christmas, we was walking around my internal Costco, and it struck me how bad of a pursuit Apple has finished with:

1. Marketing HomeKit

2. Setting HomeKit adult to attain opposite Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Problem with Apple’s Home Strategy

When we was walking around Costco, we saw countless displays for things associated to Google Assistant. we saw a vast Nest (owned by Google) arrangement arrangement off their cameras and doorbells. we saw a Ring Doorbell arrangement a few feet divided (Ring is owned by Amazon). we saw mixed displays for Google Home minis as well. Apple has a arrangement during Costco, though it’s especially for iPads with a singular HomePod. HomePod, as we all know, is essentially marketed as a reward orator over a purpose as a practical assistant.

Seeing this unequivocally got me meditative about a state of HomeKit, and how it’s viewed from consumers. When we travel around a store like Costco, Google Assistant and Alexa feel alive. You start to consternation about all of a things we can do with it. Google expelled a Christmas ad that redid some scenes from Home Alone, and it was wonderful.

That blurb and my knowledge during Costco has unequivocally cemented a fact to me that Apple is personification a dangerous diversion with a Home strategy. They’re relocating too delayed compared to a competitors. we am not articulate about Siri either. we suffer Siri, though we also see how Alexa and Google Assistant are relocating faster than Apple (from what we can see). we am articulate about how we feel ubiquitous consumers see a platforms by any of a several offered efforts.

I’ve used all 3 of a platforms, and we cite a Home app over a others. we cite onboarding in HomeKit as well. Everything is really Apple-like in a implementation. My disappointment with HomeKit has nothing to do with how it works. It comes down to a branding and harmony with products.

In 2018, we saw Google recover large products dedicated to Google Assistant. I’ve got a few friends who picked adult a Home Hub and they love it. We’ve seen Amazon examination with new Alexa formed products. Both companies are perplexing out opposite form factors to develop a uses of their practical assistants. We’ve seen companies come adult with interesting use cases for these platforms interjection to their APIs. What did we see from Apple in 2018?

The Year of a Same for HomeKit

When we demeanour behind to HomeKit in 2018, outward of HomePod, did we see any new developments? We still don’t have doorbells on a market that are compatible. We still are very singular with HomeKit cameras. Google Assistant has a possess Nest cameras, and Alexa is concordant with mixed products in these areas.

apple HomeKit strategy

The HomePod is a primary approach to correlate with HomeKit from a non-portable device, though it’s still outward of a financial strech of a lot of people. While examination a deals over during 9to5Toys during Christmas, we saw large deals on Amazon Echo Dots and Google Home Minis. Before we leave a criticism about Google and Amazon offered these inclination underneath cost in sequence to listen to all your conversations for promotion purposes, hear me out.

If Apple is truly for a privacy, they need to build products to contest with these mislaid cost speakers. Right now, a aspirant to a Amazon Echo Dot is a $350 speaker. The sell cost of a Amazon Echo Dot is $50. It’s a fun product, and it’s an easy present for someone. It indeed sounds flattering good for song as well. We need more of this from Apple. We need products that can be inexpensive gifts. We need products that work in a Apple ecosystem that can be put in each room (that don’t cost $350).

Do we design them to compare Amazon and Google’s price? No, though they need to be in a ballpark. When we looked during a many searched for equipment on Christmas in a App Store,  Alexa and Google Home were dual of a trending apps. we consider that is flattering telling.

apple HomeKit strategy

My suggestions for Improving Apple’s Home Strategy

If we was in assign of HomeKit during Apple, my initial priority would be expanding a products that work with HomeKit. I’d figure out a reason adult with manufacturers, and encourage HomeKit support (with a guarantee of co-marketing resources). If Apple can’t get a doorbell association on board, afterwards they need to build their own.

Apple is during a best when it’s not reliant on other companies, and home automation is clearly apropos one of those situations. I’d offer co-marketing dollars to any association building out HomeKit support in their products as well. I’d also start an assertive “Works with Siri” ad debate to uncover off all a things we can do with interacting with your home from iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. I’d uncover a advantages of all being it in a singular Apple ecosystem, and I’d start a contention about privacy. we consider Apple should have had a most bigger participation during CES than they seem to be as well.

2019 competence finish adult being a year that a ubiquitous race starts to arise adult to what all of these companies know about us, and because putting speakers with microphones in them in each room might not be a best idea. Apple is singly positioned to mount alone here as a winner.


The above ideas are only a few of a things I’ve come adult with. we love HomeKit. we consider it’s a best height for users. It’s easy to use and easy to set up. Apple cares about a privacy, and we can simply suggest HomeKit to everyone. Apple’s problems have reduction to do with technical implementations, and some-more to do with offered and vision. While they are perplexing to let HomeKit grow solemnly and organically, Amazon and Google are relocating during light speed. They’re elaborating their product lines during a fast pace, and Apple is personification a dangerous diversion by not relating their speed. If they continue during this delayed pace, it competence be formidable to unseat Google and Amazon as a leaders in a home automation environment.

Photo by Howard Lawrence B on Unsplash

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