Parents Tell Us How They Control Their Kids’ YouTube Habits

Recent debate involving Logan Paul (pictured) left us wondering how relatives watch what their kids are watching.

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen we’re responding YOUR questions about impression creation, backlogs, Nintendo’s E3 2018, mobile whales, and most more. We’ve also got stories from relatives about how they ensure their kids’ YouTube addictions.

First, Kirk and we speak about Nintendo Labo, Xbox Game Pass, and my new BioWare story (11:03). Then we examination some YouTube stories and answer a whole garland of YOUR questions (30:32) on all sorts of things.

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Some excerpts from primogenitor stories we examination on a show:


You can’t, and severely don’t wish to, ensure all your child is watching. God adore ‘em, though 11-year olds have unequivocally bad taste. So you’re always wondering what they’re unequivocally examination (and either it eventually matters).


I’m a high propagandize teacher, we taught center propagandize from 2011-2015 and now have a dual year old. You asked about determining YouTube with kids. YouTube does have a limited mode that can be incited on. However, a immeasurable infancy of relatives have no suspicion what their kids are examination on YouTube or games that are being played. The infancy of kids get a intelligent phone between 5-7 class with no restrictions on a devices. On a weekly basement we have to have a examination with center or high propagandize tyro about what they’re watching, pity on amicable media, or display to their friends and how vastly inapt it is. Occasionally to a indicate where it’s a propagandize offense for what they’re doing. When it’s to that turn a relatives never know it was going on.

I have a dual year aged and worry about this in a future. I’ve indeed suspicion about this, we have already finished him a gmail account. we will have that password, he will not. When he reaches an suitable age I’ll pointer him into kids accounts with that and that approach we can always check what he’s watching/doing online.


…my kids typically watch Youtube on a mechanism or TV in a common area. They’re not holed divided in a dilemma of their room with an iPad. Younger kids always seem to wish to be where we are, not off by themselves. So you’ll always be rather wakeful of what they’re observant or hearing. Along those lines, if a Youtuber says a swear word, you’re gonna notice. Another thing that’ll substantially occur is your child is gonna weird out about it. Or they’ll laugh, or demeanour during you, or even tell you. “I only listened a ‘S’ word!” When that happens, a revelation comes down “No some-more [insert youtuber name here]”. Dad lays down a law, we will be in difficulty if we locate we examination that chairman again. we always see articles or hear about these immature Youtubers who wish to make it big, and we always wish to contend “Rule series one, don’t swear.” The 6-15 demographic has a largest volume of disposable time, and that should be who Youtubers aim for viewers. And zero is going to means them to remove eyeballs faster than cursing. Think my kids get to watch PewdiePie or Markiplier anymore? They’re off limits. And a good thing is, that my kids honour that. They don’t wish to get indiscriminate criminialized from Youtube, so they’ll drive transparent of limited Youtubers. As a technophile and gamer, I’m also rather tuned in to who’s out there doing what. we know who a Paul’s are, and I’m not about to let my kids watch them.


Hey, we wanted to let we know I’m one of those relatives you’re articulate about. My 11 year aged daughter watches a lot of Minecraft videos on youtube. It’ is roughly 100% of her observation habits. We watch a lot of it with her so we get a flattering good suspicion of what they are observant and how they behave.

I was totally held off ensure however, when her and a crony were examination a youtube video about a evils of Floride that used Infowars as one if it’s sources. we watched a bit of it with her, and satisfied that it was a totally uncritical take on a swindling speculation (one quote was, “so all these studies uncover that floride is dangerous, so since is a supervision poisoning us?) and scarcely had a heart conflict when we satisfied she could be training this kinda things though even realizing it.

I had a speak with her about how people will distortion on a internet to get views and clicks and we showed her some aged James Randy clips to try to get her meddlesome in skepticism. we was undercut by a fact that my mother believes I’m creation too most of all of it. we don’t know if my daughter has watched anything else about it, though she is still celebration H2O from a faucet so maybe we am.


I have 3 daughters, ages six, four, and 8 months. Most of my personal game-playing time is finished when a kids are all in bed, so for a final few years my kids haven’t had most knowledge with video games other than meaningful who some of a characters are since of several collectibles sparse around a residence (I have each Amiibo and they call them “daddy’s toys”). Since we got heavily into games when we was 5 with a NES, we suspicion my oldest daughter was around a age where we would start to learn her how to play some games. we got a kids an NES classic, and after a SNES classic, anticipating to start them out on a kinds of games we grew adult on. Those games valid to be mostly too formidable for them, so we wasn’t accurately certain what diversion they should try. Eventually we downloaded Minecraft on my switch and let them play that, and it led to a crazy universe that we didn’t even know existed.

For a final few months my oldest has had a following routine:

– arise adult during 6am

– travel into my room

-take my wife’s phone off a charger

-get behind into bed

– launch a jungle primary video app

– watch gaming playthroughs on jungle video for several hours until everybody else wakes up

As always, we can find Splitscreen on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Leave us a examination if we like what we hear, and strech us during with any and all questions, requests, and suggestions.

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