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On Friday we had a good lunch with a bitcoin/crypto/blockchain financier that we have a lot of honour for. That lunch gave me a lot to consider about some topics I’m vehement to puncture deeper into.  In a meantime, we woke adult to my 2nd order of bitcoin in action.

I wanted to hunt a net for awake articles on a implications of Bitcoin violation $6,000 or any explanations of a swell behind above $6,000 that is occurring as we form this on Saturday morning.  we was awaiting to find pieces trimming from “I told we so”, to “Quarter End Window Dressing”, to something some-more detailed.  Instead, what kept popping many into my amicable media tide was a video couple where someone was reasserting their call that Bitcoin would strike $50,000 in 2018.

That someone is nothing other than the CEO of BitMEX. Without a doubt, someone associating about crypto, though also someone who would seem strong incentives to see crypto thrive.  we spent a few mins googling a prognosticator to see if anywhere was he on record being bearish on crypto.  Not surprisingly, during slightest not to myself, we couldn’t find any such bearish predictions from him.

I am not here to disagree either he is right or wrong.  Early adopters of crypto are still holding measureless increase (much to a bitcoin doomers’ chagrin) and merit honour for their beliefs and bid they put in.  While we am doubtful of where Bitcoin is headed, we have not ruled out apropos really bullish again.  In fact, most of my lunch yesterday was deliberating what it would take for me to be bullish on crypto again, and either Bitcoin is a right silver to back, though that is another story.

What concerns me is that this call is presented as “news”.  There are a lot of manners surrounding announcements and prognostications from CEO’s, and even pundits, in a confidence markets.  Shouldn’t we be doing a improved pursuit on crypto?

When some permabear says “Bitcoin is going to zero”, shouldn’t it be accompanied by information like ‘which he has been observant given it was during $100 years ago”.  I’d be happy with that.  we balance out a perma bears.  Those who contend crypto is meaningless with some palm fluttering and no burden for blank billions of resources combined in a space, or a arise of some truly engaging companies.

By a same token, joke intended, a media should make flattering transparent when a longhorn is always bullish and has business interests that tend to be rarely correlated with a prolonged tenure arise in crypto prices.

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