pCloud vs Google Drive: Protection vs Collaboration

Next, we’re going to take a demeanour during facilities that aren’t customary for cloud storage services, such as media preview, formation with third-party apps and capability tools.

Google shines in this difficulty since of a immeasurable arsenal of features. They include, many notably, Google’s bureau apartment and vast library of third-party tools. In fact, Google Drive is on a list of a best cloud storage for collaboration.

Google’s bureau apartment includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Docs lets we emanate and combine with others on content documents, Sheets enables we to work with spreadsheets and Slides lets we emanate presentations.


Because those apps conform to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Google has a Chrome extension that lets we to view, revise and modify between a bureau files and Microsoft’s. If you’re especially operative with papers and Google Drive doesn’t fit you, deliberate a best cloud storage for documents list for other options.


Besides a bureau suite, Google Drive has a third-party library with hundreds of collection it can confederate with and many of them are free. It can preview images and play video and song files. We attempted to play media files, though, and it was clunky. Videos competence need conversion, though we weren’t told of such a requirement by a app.

Google Photos, a print government app, is also available. It creates it easy to conduct your photos and lets we upload an total series if we select to do so in “high quality” instead of “original.”


pCloud also lets we preview your photos and play media files, though it has a integrate of other features, too. Your photos don’t get resized when we upload them, though we can download them in a opposite fortitude if we want. You can emanate playlists of your audio files that is good for song lovers. The audio and video players are appealing and work well.


Another engaging underline is a ability to pierce files from cloud to cloud. You can use cloud-to-cloud backup for Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. pCloud can also backup from Facebook and Instagram.

Both services have something to offer, though Google Drive has some-more integrations and partnership capabilities, so it wins this round.

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