Pixel 2 prices slashed as Google Pixel 3 leaked AGAIN forward of the central release

The back of a phones also look very identical with a two-tone appearance, fingerprint scanner and single rear camera.

Along with a new smartphones, Google is also rumoured to be formulation a betray a new charging wharf appendage during a launch event.

Spotted by 9to5Google, it seems a Pixel 3 could come with a possess charging stand.

This appendage has been rumoured for a while though an animation dark within one of Google’s apps seems to give a closer demeanour during what competence be coming.

The brief shave shows a phone stood honest with a charging idol during a bottom of a arrangement along with what appears to be a phone being used a digital print frame.

There’s also another animation that depicts a series of other facilities including alarms, presentation and music,

Express.co.uk will be during a launch eventuality on Oct 9 and will move we all a news live as it happens.

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