Pixel 2 review: A good smartphone – and now accessible for only £474

Deal alert: Get a Pixel 2 for usually £474

The Pixel 2 was a good phone, even during £629. At £474 usually months after release, it’s a officious bargain. How can we get it during this price? Well, during a Carphone Warehouse, you’ll already find that a 64GB Pixel 2 is £499, yet puncture a little deeper and you’ll find it’s probable to get it even cheaper. Specifically, go to a agreement territory and arrange them by a lowest cost: a £15 per month understanding from O2 will arise to a tip – crucially it’s a one-month rolling contract, and a upfront cost is £459. Cancel a agreement before a month ends, and you’ll have bagged yourself one of a best phones of 2017 for a cold £474.

The Pixel 2 XL is also likewise discounted, yet for a additional money, we have some critical reservations, as you’ll see in a review.

You can find out since that’s such value for income by reading my strange review, that continues below. 

This time final year, a differences between a Pixel and Pixel XL were so little that we felt gentle putting both reviews underneath one URL. You couldn’t get divided with that this time around: a differences between a handsets are not usually manifest in distance and price, yet in outcome – one is a clever thumbs up, while a other is a large aged “meh”.

When a box of Googly integrity arrived final week, Jon – being reviews editor – got initial dibs. The imagination looking Pixel 2 XL was his for a weekend, while we had to settle for a some-more boring-looking Pixel 2. we got a final laugh. While Jon was carrying all kinds of issues with a Pixel 2 XL, me and a smaller hermit were carrying a smashing time removing acquainted.

Barring a integrate of caveats, I’d suggest a Pixel 2 to anyone, while Jon would onslaught to advise we buy a Pixel 2 XL. Read on to find out why.

Google Pixel 2

Buy a Pixel 2 from Carphone Warehouse

Google Pixel 2 review: Design

Did we like a demeanour of a strange Pixel? If we did, you’re in luck. The Google Pixel 2 looks unequivocally identical to a strange Pixel – in fact, a bartender during a Kingston pub asked me if we was regulating a Pixel when we was profitable for drinks with Android Pay, since he was carrying issues with his.

Is that a problem? Not really. Okay, there’s no edge-to-edge arrangement like a Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone X, yet afterwards a Pixel 2 does sell between £50 and £370 cheaper. It’s thin, light, and we privately like a textured aluminium back, that feels reduction sleazy than a potion of a rivals. The sold silken potion row is back, despite smaller than final time around, yet other than that it’s sincerely understated. Even a informed Google “G” is quiet: dim grey on a black background.

It’s a same weight as final year, tipping a beam during usually 143g, yet it has mislaid a little from a waistline, measuring a svelte 7.8mm to final year’s 8.5mm. This isn’t a strenuous certain it initial appears, yet – in fact, it’s a unequivocally clarification of losing weight in a wrong places. The Pixel 2’s pile-up diet has ensured that a 3.5mm headphone jack is gone. Gone, yet not lost during smallest – Google does chuck in a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in a box, that is improved than nothing. Be grateful for little mercies.

Google Pixel 2 from a bottom

There’s another barbiturate on a pattern front, nonetheless it’s one that will come as no warn to anyone who’s ever bought a Google-branded handset. There’s still no room for expandable storage. In other words, a 64 or 128GB of onboard storage is all you’re ever going to have.

That sold tablet is done easier to swallow with Google’s offer of total print storage in Google Photos, yet even that has a locate – it runs out in 3 years.

Google Pixel 2 review: Screen

Turning on a Pixel 2 for a initial time reveals a shade that’s unequivocally tough to tell from a strange Pixel – that is to contend that it’s unequivocally good indeed, yet you’re retreading aged belligerent by reading this section. It’s a same 5in display, a same 16:9 aspect ratio, a same 1,080 x 1,920 fortitude and AMOLED technology… and a same 441 pixels per inch.

Weirdly, colour correctness is a little bit worse than final year’s yet there isn’t a good understanding in it and we doubt you’d mark it with a tellurian eye. On a certain side, it does go a hold brighter, rising to a limit liughtness of 418cd/m² compared with final year’s 411cd/m². Being an AMOLED screen, contrariety is ideal by definition.

Google Pixel 2 camera and fingerprint reader

So, on paper, some teenager changes, yet all we unequivocally need to know is that in person, a Pixel 2 has a shining shade with bright, colourful colours and oodles of detail. Videos demeanour great, and icons look beautifully sharp. It might be some-more of a same, yet when a same is as good as final year, it’s tough to stay mad.

Crucially, this creates it most improved than a Google Pixel 2 XL, that as Jon found in his review, suffers from discolouration when noticed even from a smallest of angles. You might consternation if we usually had a inadequate section – yet we looked during those loaned to a sister publications IT Pro and Expert Reviews and found accurately a same issue.

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