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When it comes to selecting an Android phone, it might seem like a go-to choice is a Samsung Galaxy S9 (or S9 Plus). But there are copiousness of others that don’t cost as much, including a Google Pixel 2 from 2017 and a OnePlus 6, that was expelled in May.

The Pixel 2 is Google’s marquee phone, and starts during $649, £629 and AU$1,079 for a 64GB variant. Meanwhile, a OnePlus 6’s cost is utterly cheaper during $529, £469 and AU$702, and is done by a darkhorse of a association whose inexpensive and absolute phones have garnered a constant fan base.

Both are top-caliber phones, yet any have conflicting advantages and disadvantages. If you’re ripped between a two, we’re here to make it easy for you. We array them head-to-head conflicting any other to see that one is a improved phone formed on their design, cameras, program facilities and performance.


Design: Pixel 2’s H2O insurgency or OnePlus 6’s headphone jack?

Neither phone stands out when it comes to design. Aside from their one-off tone variants (the Pixel 2 in blue and a OnePlus 6 in white and rose gold), both demeanour bland. But a Pixel 2 is waterproof. Similar to a pierce Apple and Samsung done with their flagships, waterproofing a Pixel 2 not usually creates it truly rival to a top-tier phones, yet it’s usually some-more durable for users too.


The OnePlus 6 has a immeasurable shade and barely-there bezels.

Josh Miller/CNET

I wish a OnePlus 6 had followed suit. (OnePlus does explain that a OnePlus 6 is some-more H2O resistant than past iterations, yet given it’s not IP-certified for H2O insurance we can forget about dunking it safely underwater.) But in each other pattern aspect, a phone has a upperhand. It has a bigger 6.28-inch screen, ultra-thin bezels and a headphone jack. The latter is utterly profitable to me given it means we can still use my dear headphones yet carrying around a dongle. 

Winner: OnePlus 6. Its bigger shade and headphone jack make adult for a fact that it isn’t waterproof.

Camera: It’s called ‘Pixel’ for a reason

The Pixel 2 has one of a best cameras out there, and that still binds loyal months after a launch. Even with usually a singular rear-camera compared to a OnePlus 6’s dual-camera, we found images to be a hair crook on a Pixel 2. Its HDR+ extended underline rendered scenes with wily lighting and conflicting exposures better, and it rubbed low-light environments excellently, capturing darkened sum that a OnePlus 6 didn’t retain.

Lastly, while both phones have visible picture stabilization, usually a a Pixel 2 uses it for video (while a OnePlus 6 uses electronic picture stabilization, or EIS, for video). On tip of that, a Pixel 2 integrates gyro-based EIS with a OIS. In a end, a footage available on a Pixel 2 was approach smoother and steadier.

pixel-2-vs-op6-lowlightEnlarge Image

You can see some-more sum in a bricks and shadows with a Pixel 2 (left) compared to a OnePlus 6 (right).

Lynn La/CNET

pixel-2-vs-op6-indoorEnlarge Image

The Pixel 2 (left) and a OnePlus 6 (right) constraint an picture in indoor lighting.

Lynn La/CNET

pixel-2-vs-op6-macroEnlarge Image

The fur in this closeup shot is some-more polished in a Pixel 2 (left) than a OnePlus 6 (right).

Lynn La/CNET


Taking a mural shot with a Pixel 2 (left) and OnePlus 6 (right).

Lynn La/CNET

This isn’t to contend a OnePlus 6 takes terrible cinema or anything. It’s utterly a conflicting — cinema were colourful and sharp. In addition, it offers 240fps during 1,080p (like a Galaxy S9 and iPhone X) while a Pixel 2 has 120fps during 1,080p. OnePlus 6 slow-mo video looks some-more thespian and buttery smooth. But when it comes to that phone takes a improved photos, we have to palm it to a Pixel 2.

Winner: The OnePlus 6 takes illusory pictures, and some are adult to standard with a Pixel 2 — no easy attainment deliberation how many cheaper it is. But, we cite a Pixel 2 when it comes down to it.

Software features: Pretty equal, yet with one tiny disproportion

On a surface, both phones seem neck-and-neck when it comes to software. After all, they both come with a near-vanilla chronicle of Android Oreo out of a box and they both can run a beta version of Google’s latest mobile OS, Android P, that adds facilities like gesticulate navigation and an updated presentation menu.

Launching a Google Assistant on a Pixel 2.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

But if we puncture a bit deeper, there are a few differences. OnePlus has useful add-ons that a Pixel 2 doesn’t, like a Shelf page on a homescreen for tip contacts and memos, an LED presentation light and particular app lock.

On a Pixel 2, we can entrance a digital assistant, Google Assistant, by squeezing on a sides of a phone. (You can launch Assistant on a OnePlus 6 by prolonged dire a home button.) It also has a Google Lens built into a camera’s print app and Assistant. Lens uses Google’s immeasurable hunt database to call adult information on a visible intent like a landmark, book cover or square of art. However, a LG G7 has Lens too and other Android phones are will follow suit.

Overall though, nothing of these facilities are unequivocally compelling. But what truly gives a Pixel 2 an advantage is a fact that it’s Google’s phone, and it’ll accept uninformed updates a impulse they hurl out from a company.

Winner: It’s a tighten one yet a Pixel 2’s prompt updates gives it a slight corner over a OnePlus 6.

Performance and battery: OnePlus 6 dominates

As a newer phone by scarcely 7 months, a OnePlus 6 has a faster and some-more fit processor. Packed with a Snapdragon 845 chipset from Qualcomm, a OnePlus 6 flies by a Pixel 2 (which has final year’s Snapdragon 835) in a benchmark tests.

Geekbench v.4.0 single-core

Geekbench v.4.0 multi-core

3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited

Its higher-capacity battery also milks some-more hours of use time. In a battery life lab tests for continual video playback on Airplane mode, a OnePlus 6 lasted an normal of 15 hours and 28 mins — accurately dual hours some-more than a Pixel 2.

This doesn’t meant a Pixel 2 is a slump by any means. Though a OnePlus 6’s improved hardware make it faster on paper, a Pixel 2 is still as zippy and arguable currently as it felt when we initial took it out of a box. And while numbers don’t lie, we won’t feel many of a disproportion in speed when it comes to day-to-day use.

Winner:  With a updated hardware and longer battery life, a OnePlus 6 rises to a top.


And a leader is…

With their glorious hardware and performances, a Pixel 2 and OnePlus 6 are unsurprisingly tied two-for-two, despite for conflicting reasons. So how do we choose? It unequivocally comes down to that of these facilities is many critical to you.

For me personally, I’d go with a Pixel 2. That’s given 80 percent of since we use my phone is to take photos of my friends and family. I’ve also gotten used to regulating a dongle for my headphones (though we wish we didn’t have to), and given we can be awkward with my phone, H2O insurance is critical to me. This creates a $120 disproportion (for a 64GB variants) value it for me.


Both a Pixel 2 (top) and a OnePlus 6 have their singular pros and cons.

James Martin/CNET

Of course, if you’d rather have a longer battery life, a incomparable shade and some-more income in your slot (all of that are totally reasonable things to want), really buy a OnePlus 6. It has all a improved specs of a dual and a reduce cost tab to boot.

Whatever phone we finish adult going with, keep in mind that their successors are approaching not too distant behind. True, “wait for a subsequent one” can be pronounced for each vital phone, yet it’s generally applicable for these two. If all binds steady, a rumored Pixel 3 will launch in usually 4 months, and a insincere OnePlus 6T is approaching a month after, in Nov formed on OnePlus’ lane record.

That being said, if you’re uncertain yet don’t need a new phone ASAP, cruise watchful to see what Google has in store in October. Being on a one-year intonation schedule, it’s protected to assume that a Pixel 3 will be some-more of a vital refurbish as good (compared to a approaching burst from a OnePlus 6 to a 6T), and rumored specs embody wireless charging and dual front-facing cameras.

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