Pixel 2 XL Camera Wins a Weekend After Owner’s Kebab Photo Session Goes Viral

Thanks to a inebriated print event during a kebab place that went down over a weekend, a internet is now in adore with a Pixel 2 XL camera. Funny how these things happen, though a singular Tweet that enclosed 4 photos taken with a Pixel 2 XL, photos that a owners doesn’t even remember taking, has turn one heck of an announcement for Google’s new phones.

Twitter user @moya_lm posted a photos, observant that she “passed out entirely dressed final night” and “managed to upload a full photoset from my internal kebab place” that she doesn’t “remember possibly doing or holding in a initial place.” That’s humorous as a stand-alone story, generally when we dive into a replies of her Tweet, though this incited into Google’s dream unfolding once someone asked her that phone she had. She replied by saying, “Google Pixel 2 XL!” and that a “camera is INSANE.”

From there, she sent out a array of replies about how most she desired her new Pixel 2 XL, that she recommends it, and remarkable that it “brought back” her fun in gnawing cinema again. Others who possess a Pixel 2 assimilated in, pity their pics.

Here is a strange Tweet and a photos.

Google concurred a hilarity of it today.

To contend that we determine is substantially an understatement. This is one of those phone cameras that we wish to constantly test.

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