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Pixel 2 XL: Google can simply lay explain to one of a world’s best smartphones.

Which of dual good phones squeaks out a win over a prolonged transport and delivers an upside surprise? Read on.

Note: this updates a prior examination of a dual phones.

I’ve been regulating a iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, and Pixel 2 given a tumble of 2017.  In this brief examination I’ll concentration on 4 metrics of a dual flagships that impress over a prolonged term.

Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 render.

To Notch Or Not: 

I cite phones yet a notch. Based on a above describe of a Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 from @onleaks and mysmartprice, a Pixel 3 XL will get an iPhone X-like notch.

That’s a small unsatisfactory (if true) given we welfare a Pixel 2 XL earthy pattern over a iPhone X given Google executed a good pattern yet a notch. (That said, we theory we’ll all have to get used to a nick given it’s quick apropos a pattern component du jour.)

Display — Let’s pronounce about a Pixel 2 XL: 

Pixel 2 XL: I’ve had 3 builds of a Pixel 2 XL over a final 7 months. Why? Because we didn’t like a initial OLED arrangement (made by LG) on a XL: mostly given colors were muted. There was also a “blue shift,” i.e., a blue stain when noticed from an angle on white backgrounds. But a blue change didn’t worry me as many given all OLED displays (including a iPhone X) have this to some degree.

My many new build is Jan 25, 2018. That’s some-more than 3 months after it was expelled and during slightest 4 months given a early builds. The upshot: we have been agreeably astounded with a uninformed build. Maybe it’s a odd thing yet a arrangement peculiarity has really softened given a dual early builds. The colors are no longer pale and a blue tint, while still there, isn’t vivid (though we can’t pronounce for others).

But, again, by distant a many critical thing is that a colors are deeper, some-more vibrant, i.e., it now looks like a high-quality OLED arrangement (see records during bottom¹).

iPhone X: Apple’s first iPhone with an OLED arrangement (made by Samsung) is even improved than a glorious LCD on a iPhone 8 (which I’ve also been using). That’s observant a lot. When looking during photos, a X’s OLED arrangement is tuned so it’s not utterly as ornate as a jam-packed colors on Samsung’s Galaxy phones. In short, no complaints.

iPhone X.


Apps: an even match. Granted, there are some exceptions (like video editing, that tends to welfare a iPhone) yet generally there’s relation between a dual platforms. In fact, many apps are uncelebrated between iOS and Android.

AI: This isn’t violation news yet Google Assistant on a Pixel is higher to Apple’s Siri. we don’t use Google Assistant or Siri that many yet if we do, go with a Pixel. Simple fact is, Google does AI improved than Apple.

Integration with Mac: Apple is improved during synching iOS features with a MacBook out of a box. That includes call facilities such as FaceTime calls. we also use a Pixelbook (made by Google) with a Pixel 2 XL but, aside from a apparent things like Chrome, Photos, Docs, and Calendar, there isn’t a deeper turn of formation that iOS and a macOS have. This a large and for Apple and we value this a lot. (And we would advise that Google do a improved pursuit here.)


Apple has an extraordinary phone yet loses this one because, starting during $999 with 64GB, it is about $100 too much. On a other hand, a Pixel 2 XL with 64GB and a extremely incomparable 6-inch OLED arrangement (both taller and wider than a 5.8-inch on a X) starts during $849.

Other upsides: a Pixel 2 XL is a best pure, lag-free Android experience, doesn’t have a nick (unlike a iPhone X), has a beautiful arrangement (on a after builds), a camera that’s a iPhone X’s equal, and feels good in a palm for a large phone.


Platform welfare aside, a Pixel 2 XL is a improved value and boasts peculiarity equal to a iPhone X — even deliberation a initial arrangement problems. And has a beautiful earthy pattern sans a notch.

And one some-more thing: Biometrics. I’m not a large fan of a iPhone X’s Face ID given it requires we to reason a phone directly (more or less) in front of your face. we cite a XL’s fingerprint ID on a behind of a phone. But this is a personal welfare thing so we might be in a minority here.


¹The colors seem many reduction pale even with “Saturated” toggled off (this is finished in a “Display” settings underneath “Advanced”). we have selected to keep Saturated incited on, that we did not do on a progressing builds given we suspicion it looked too artificial. That’s not a box now.


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