Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: Rumored specs, features, leaks, price, recover date

Thanks to a integrate of savvy Russian bloggers, this week in Aug has been a large week for Pixel 3 and 3 XL rumors. Indeed, it seems as if many about a subsequent era of Google’s flagship phones have been leaked during this point.

In further to some really convincing videos of a Pixel 3 XL purportedly sole on a black market, Google also debuted a latest chronicle of a Android handling system, famous as Android Pie, progressing this month. It includes compelling new features — such as multiplayer AR and enhancements to a already-superior voice partner — that will positively be integrated in a Pixel 3 and can’t be found on any iPhone (yet).

Google will also wish to equivocate a mistakes compared with a previous Pixel 2 XL. That phone suffered from burn-in issues and other defects associated to a phone’s OLED display — missteps that resulted in quite a bit of media attention, marring some initial certain reviews with caveats. It also brought a spotlight to Google’s warranty, which was eventually broadened to accommodate a issues. (Note that the iPhone X’s OLED arrangement is not defence from burn-in either.) 

Again, a association hasn’t rigourously announced a Pixel 3 phones, so many of what we consider we know is formed on gossip and hearsay. However, since the Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL and are among the best phones on a marketplace currently on comment of their glorious cameras, poignant opening and parsimonious formation with Google’s homegrown Android software, many are meddlesome in what Google will offer this time around.

We’ve collated a vital hum on a Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL below, and will continue to refurbish this space frequently with news and rumors. 


Rumor: This is what a Pixel 3 XL competence demeanour like

Within one week, there were two, approbation two, purportedly leaked images of a Pixel 3 XL. The initial apparently took place in Toronto, where a supplement with a penetrating eye took cinema of what appears to be a arriving phone in a wild. The phone appears to coincide with earlier leaks of a phone, with a arrangement nick (more on that later), Google keyboard along with UI and a two-tone behind design.

pixel-3-xl-leak-mobilesyrup-1Enlarge Image

Could this be a Pixel 3 XL in a wild?


Rumor: Pixel 3 XL competence come bundled with Pixel Bud-like earbuds

A few days later, several Russian bloggers presumably got their own hands on a Pixel 3 XL. The phones competence have come from a Ukrainian black marketplace dealer, though though a bloggers uploaded unboxing videos and tested out a camera. One unboxing shows a camber of earbuds with a meaty, Pixel Buds design. This would be a change from a Pixel 2, which didn’t come with any headphones.

The images of a headphones did also have misspelled “@googel.com” email residence on a label, that is a small sketch. Our email bounced when we attempted emailing that address, so keep in mind this all competence be a crafty fake.

Separately, a Telegram user @LuchkovCH also “leaked” photos of a Pixel 3 XL and forsaken a YouTube video here. In it, they travel by a Settings menu, launcher and using benchmarks. There’s a demeanour during a (notched) front, familiar-looking behind and what looks like a singular USB-C charging port.  


This competence be a Pixel 3 XL true from a box.


Confirmed: Pixel 3 won’t be a initial to get Android Pie

Countering conjecture that Google would broach a latest handling complement on a Pixel 3, a association released Android Pie to a existent era of Pixel phones on Aug. 6. The Pixel 3 is likely, however, to be a initial phone using Pie right out of a box, if that matters in any way.

Android Pie mostly focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements designed to make Android phones work faster while saving battery life. But one large refurbish in Android Pie is support for notches — those small cutouts on phones with screens that camber many of a phone face, popularized by Apple’s iPhone X. Which leads us to…


Android P gives us a spirit about a arriving Pixel 3.


Likely: Pixel 3 will have a BIG notch

We know that Android Pie supports phones with notches and according to a augmenting series of renders and leaked photos we’re seeing, that’s no coincidence. If a photos are accurate, a Pixel 3 will have a nick — and not only any notch, though a big, low notch.

The Pixel 3 XL's low notch

A “leaked” print that presumably shows a Pixel 3 XL final prolongation section with a poignant nick cut into a tip of a display.

Android Poilce/Telegram user @LuchkovCH

The newest allegedly-leaked image, posted this week by a Ukrainian on a Telegram app, follows in a footsteps of previous images of a Pixel 3. All of them uncover a phone that looks utterly identical to a Pixel 2 XL — though with a nick that’s many deeper than a iPhone X’s.

Rumor: Pixel 3 is entrance in October

Google introduced a original Pixel and a super-size sibling, the Pixel XL on Oct. 4, 2016. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL debuted accurately one year later. We have each reason to trust that a association will sojourn true to this schedule, introducing a subsequent phone in October.

Rumor: The phone could have wireless charging

XDA Developers found justification in an Android Pie beta recover that points to support for wireless charging. This gossip dovetails with another — that a new Pixel competence have a potion back that would be some-more gainful to wireless charging. 

Google has done wireless charging phones before (like a Google Nexus 6 and Google Nexus 5), though stopped in 2015 with a launch of a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Perhaps it’s bringing a underline back, however, due to a wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Rumor: Pixel 3 XL will have front-facing speakers

According to a new box trickle from Gizmo China, a Pixel 3 XL will purportedly flourish dual front-facing cameras.

The apparent leaked images also uncover that a orator will be located on a front bottom bezel and a fingerprint reader will still be located on a behind subsequent a camera.

Rumor: Pixel 3 XL will have dual front-facing cameras, new arrangement

In further to a notch, Bloomberg posited that a Pixel 3 XL will have an edge-to-edge arrangement and two front-facing cameras. The smaller Pixel 3, however, will have conjunction of these things apparently.

The German news site WinFuture, that has a flattering arguable record with tech rumors, also reported that Google will partner with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn (the same association that creates iPhones) to build “new arrangement hardware.”


Rumor: A reward Pixel will conflict 2018 iPhones

Tech blog Droid Life reported that Google will have 3 new Pixel phones in a tube for 2018. This contingent could embody a puzzling higher-end chronicle — maybe dictated to contest with a $999 iPhone X — in further to a customary and XL models. As a reminder, a 64GB Pixel 2 starts during $649 (£629 or AU$1,079) and a Pixel 2 XL starts during $849 (£799 or AU$1,399).

That noted, visit tipster Evan Blass tweeted that, according to a “reliable source,” Google will broach a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL — as good as a subsequent era of Pixel Buds and a Pixel-branded watch. If he’s right, we’re behind to looking during dual phones, not three. The Pixel 3 XL competence have to take on 2018’s iPhones on a own.

Rumor: Or maybe Google will make a cheaper Pixel instead?

Google is pronounced to be building an inexpensive “midrange” Pixel for rising markets that could entrance this summer, according to Economic Times.

It’s not transparent either Google would move this bill indication to a US; a timing doesn’t sync adult with a Pixel’s common Oct debut. But such a phone would positively make an engaging foil to Apple’s rumored iPhone SE 2, that we could see in September, when iPhones customarily launch.

Other rumored Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL specs

  • Octacore Qualcomm CPU (perhaps Snapdragon 845)
  • Adreno 630 GPU
  • 2,960×1,440-pixel resolution
  • Wired chronicle of Google Pixel Buds joining around USB-C 
  • Confirmed: Support for Android Pie 
  • 4GB RAM
  • Wireless charging
  • Available during slightest dual colors: black and white

This square was creatively published on Jun 10, 2018, and is updated frequently.

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