Pixel 3 Lite XL shows adult as Pixel 3a XL in benchmark

Even while a guessing diversion has rather started for a name for Android Q and what a subsequent Pixel phone would bring, we still wait a fulfilment of one long-standing gossip in a Android market. Although extremely leaked before, a Pixel 3 Lite and a bigger kin are still nowhere to be seen. There might, however, be one change in instruction per these two-midrange Pixels. Because formed on a benchmark sighting, a incomparable Pixel 3 Lite XL might, instead, be called a Pixel 3a XL.

What’s in a name anyway? Although it is some-more reasonable to design that a incomparable chronicle of a Pixel 3 Lite would be called a Pixel 3 Lite XL, who can unequivocally boundless Google’s mind? After all, during one indicate it was approaching that a inheritor of a Pixel XL would be a Pixel XL 2, that incited out to be a Pixel 2 XL.

The organisation between a Pixel 3 Lite XL and this Pixel 3a XL comes from a motherboard listed by a Geekbench entry. It is named “bonito”, believed to be a codename for a Pixel 3 Lite XL (the Pixel 3 Lite is codenamed “sargo”). Perhaps a lite chronicle of a Pixel 3 would also be called Pixel 3a in a same vein.

Regardless, a Geekbench scores for a Pixel 3a XL competence defect some, yet it should be approaching anyway. Despite a deceptively identical specs, a “Bonito” is ostensible to be a mid-range phone in a initial place. That suggests that a unnamed Qualcomm processor here is indeed a Snapdragon 710, a chip maker’s not reward though also not mid-tier mobile platform.

The Pixel 3a XL is also listed to have 4 GB of RAM, same as both a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Consider that a inexhaustible gesticulate on a partial of Google, that has traditionally been really miserly with memory.

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