Pixel 3 vs. Pixel 2: Why smaller bezels aren’t that large a deal

When we hear people speak about Google’s Pixel 3 and either it’s value a ascent over a previous-gen Pixel 2, one unchanging thesis always comes up: If there’s any reason to make a upgrade, it’s for a smaller bezels and bigger screen.

What folks are removing at, y’see, is a fact that a Pixel 3 packs some-more active arrangement space into a same simple footprint as final year’s indication — which, on a surface, certain seems like a good thing. And it is a good thing! we mean, since wouldn’t you wish some-more shade space in a same sized phone, right?

Well, yes. But while a Pixel 3’s stepped-up screen-to-body ratio is many positively a good small alleviation over a predecessor, we spent some time study it closely — and we satisfied that in terms of real-world benefit, it isn’t accurately a black-and-white jump brazen you’d expect.

Let me explain: When we demeanour during a Pixel 3 and a Pixel 2 side by side, we see that a Pixel 3 gives we an additional splinter of arrangement during a tip and bottom — roughly a entertain of an in. some-more on any end, give or take. Glancing during a dual phones together, that gives a Pixel 3 an definite manifest advantage:

Pixel 3 vs. Pixel 2 BezelsJR

Pixel 3 to Pixel 2: The story of a timorous bezels

But here’s a thing: All of a on-screen elements are a same distance on both inclination — and since a Pixel 3’s arrangement is somewhat narrower than a Pixel 2’s, we indeed finish adult carrying less calm on any line when observation something like an email, document, or web page, as a lines themselves are shorter and so a calm wraps sooner. So in many situations, we don’t truly see many some-more calm on a Pixel 3’s screen, notwithstanding a shade being taller.

Take, for example, this corresponding web page comparison. With a same page pulled adult in Chrome on both devices, we see part of one additional line of calm on a Pixel 3 compared to a Pixel 2 — though interjection to a Pixel 3’s narrower shade distance and a outcome that has on line breaks, it’s a flattering minimal disproportion (and in this sold instance, we indeed finish adult with one some-more entirely manifest word on a Pixel 2’s display):

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