Pixel 4 Dec refurbish adds central support for T-Mobile eSIM

The Pixel 2 was a initial of Google’s inclination to support a eSIM standard, that allows we to switch carriers but inserting a earthy SIM card. Now that a Pixel 4 is sole on all vital carriers, some-more networks can be activated regulating eSIM — including T-Mobile.

According to a T-Mobile support page, a December refurbish for a Pixel 4 enclosed some-more than only a common confidence fixes — support for activating a Pixel 4 on T-Mobile around eSIM is now included. While a categorical advantage with eSIM is that we don’t have to go to a store or wait for a mail smoothness to activate your phone service, this also means we can have another network in a earthy SIM container and receive calls/texts from both.

This isn’t wholly a surprise, as placeholder support papers for eSIM support were published months ago. Some business were even means to manually activate eSIM on T-Mobile by contacting support. Now a routine should be most easier.

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