Playground 2.1 rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2 w/ new camera UI, stickers, more

Alongside other camera announcements during Made by Google 2018, a association also revamped AR Stickers introduced a year before. On a Pixel 3, Playground is a new name for fun protracted animations on photos and videos. It is now rolling out to comparison inclination like a strange Made by Google device and Pixel 2.

Playground facilities a new camera interface compared to AR Stickers. Still launched from a Google Camera app, a UI is rather suggestive of Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Instead of stickers located during a tip of a shade where it is harder to strech on vast devices, fluent media is now located during a bottom.

Flanking a shiver is a plaque symbol that slides adult a quarrel with tabs for all a new accessible content. Packs underline cover images that fact what stickers are available, with a choice to preview before installing. Meanwhile, users can now conceal floating calm on an image, as good as add animated stickers from Gboard. Lastly, there is a selfie mode to insert calm into a front-facing camera.

AI works to suggest a right fluent calm for a moment. The real-time suggestions formed on appurtenance training and mechanism prophesy take into care where we are and what’s now in a scene.

Previous Playground 2.1

Existing Playmoji characters like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Stranger Things are assimilated by a new Marvel Studios Avengers pack. Other new packs embody Weather, Pets, Sports and Signs, as good as an disdainful one from Childish Gambino entrance later.

Launched on a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Playground 2.1 is now widely rolling out around a Play Store to a strange Pixel and a Pixel 2, as Google betrothed progressing this year. On initial lauch after updating, users will be guided by a walkthrough of a new interface and features.

Playground 2.1 Playground 2.1 Playground 2.1 Playground 2.1 Playground 2.1

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for some-more news:

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