Pls Like, array two, review: shining YouTube joke moves into darker territory

The initial array of Pls Like (BBC Three) was one of a many ignored treats of 2017. A spot-on mockumentary about empty YouTubers, it was impeccably cast, neatly observed, and expelled in 15-minute episodes on both iPlayer and (oh, irony of ironies) YouTube.

It didn’t accurately go viral. In a year, a initial part has racked adult around 60,000 YouTube views. By contrast, a video called “VERY FUNNY ANIMALS” uploaded 7 months after has had 104 million. If there were any justice, those total would be reversed.

Judging from a initial part (the usually one accessible during a time of writing) array dual looks even better. Dour comedian Liam Williams is behind personification an even glummer chronicle of…

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