PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Cutting cords and amatory a competition that doesn’t adore we back

Week one is on us! It’s time to speak about how we’re gonna watch games this fall.


  • SB Nation’s Alex Kirshner joins us to speak about his beam to cord-cutting. What’s your best (YouTube TV) choice (YouTube TV) during a impulse (YouTube TV)? And what’s a latest on a Maryland saga?
  • #AskPAPN: The best ever hypothetical grad send scenario, Barry Sanders, examination football with a newborn, kids these days, removing dual teams from a non-SEC discussion into a CFP, how to incorporate coaching changes into SP+ projections, amatory a diversion that utterly apparently doesn’t adore we back.
  • WEEK ONE VIEWING GUIDE: What games are we examination during any cube of a weekend college football report (after we get behind from a Georgia Tech tailgate)? And what games will we overreact to a most? (Spoiler: it’s all of them.)

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