Poll: Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus?

The reviews are out and a regard is nearby concept for a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The top-of-the-line Samsungs — during slightest until a Note gets here — will be accessible in shops currently with prices starting during $720. For those already committed to buying, it’s going to be a tough choice this time around since a phones don’t humour from a common large / small usability tradeoffs.

See, a Galaxy S8 has 36 percent some-more observation area than a Galaxy S7, and a shade now covers 83 percent of a front face. That’s authorised Samsung to container some-more shade into a slimmer though sightly longer handset that’s now easier to hold. Whereas plus-sized phones from other companies have been unwieldy, even a S8 Plus now feels manageable.

Here’s how Dan Seifert described a distance of a new S8 in his review:

“A narrower phone is easier to use in one palm and both a S8 and S8 Plus are most easier to hoop than other phones with similar-sized displays.”

I’ll let Walt Mossberg elaborate on a limitations:

“It altered a aspect ratio of a shade and a measure of a physique to make them taller and narrower. This creates a phone most easier to handle.”


“In one-handed use, a shade is now so high that it can be unfit in one-handed mode to simply strech a presentation shade or a tip rows of icons. So, Samsung has a underline we can rivet that shrinks a whole shade picture to a shrunken heirloom of itself. This creates reaching easy, though it also creates all demeanour small and ugly. we cite Apple’s technique of only relocating down a tip of a shade image, during full size, if we find something tough to reach.”

Vlad Savov marveled during a palliate of that he could navigate a bigger S8 Plus, maybe assisted by “the graphic averageness” of his hands:

“Yes, reaching a tip of a S8 Plus to lift down a presentation shade requires a readjustment of my grip, though a phone’s sides are so easily contoured that we do that switch unconsciously and with small effort.”


“The choice between S8 models should come down to how most we value carrying a incomparable shade and a longer-lasting battery. If it’s some-more than a cost reward Samsung or your internal conduit charges, go forward and supersize your subsequent phone. The normal hillside of ergonomics as we pierce adult in distance category only isn’t apparent with a Galaxy S8 Plus.”

The best recommendation is, of course, to try out a span during a emporium before buying. But we know that many of you, like us, already preordered your handsets steer unseen. So, we have to ask, dear reader, that indication do we cite for that $100 cost difference?

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