Poll: You hatred a Essential Phone camera cutout – what about a latest iPhone 8 renders?

When a Essential Phone was suggested yesterday, all eyes were on one sold pattern feature: a arrangement that extended right to a tip of a phone, with a tiny cutout for a camera.

We asked either Apple should take a identical proceed with a iPhone 8, and a infancy of readers were opposed. Just 22% of we suspicion it was a good idea, while a full 60% didn’t like it.

But what we’ve seen given afterwards is that Apple might indeed be formulation a identical proceed with a iPhone 8 …


Renders formed on a claimed framework design for a device uncover a broadly identical proceed to a Essential Phone: a arrangement with no full front bezel, though rather a cutout satirical into a tip of a display. Given a approaching twin cameras for augmented reality applications, a cutout shown is wider than that for a Essential Phone – though that’s only a movement on a theme.

So let’s review a two. The images above uncover a Essential Phone left and a iPhone 8 describe right. Leaving aside a quite unsentimental emanate of a twin cameras requiring a wider cutout, how do we consider a designs compare?

For a satisfactory comparison, we need to omit a shadowy territory on a Essential Phone’s screen, as we’re endangered here with hardware rather than program design.

Is one pattern most improved than a other? Slightly better? Both good? Both bad? Please take a poll, and share your thoughts on a comparison in a comments.

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