Power Support CLAW Review: The initial Stadia Controller phone mountain will usually get better

One of a hallmarks of Google Stadia is a ability to diversion on normal inclination like computers and TVs along with some-more unstable form factors like a Pixel phone. To make a many of personification Stadia on your Pixel, you’ll need a phone mountain for your controller. But is a central Made for Google Stadia Controller CLAW from Power Support value your money?

Installation and fit

No matter that device you’re personification Google Stadia on — Android, Chromecast, desktop, laptop, or Chromebook — a central Stadia controller is customarily a best apparatus for a job. To assistance we simply barter between platforms, given we expected won’t always be personification Stadia from your phone, a Power Support CLAW is designed to be both commissioned and private from a controller with ease.

One of a concerns lifted about a Power Support CLAW forward of a recover was that it may blemish your Stadia Controller. Even a Google Store’s central product listing mentions this possibility.

Power Support Claw™, might symbol a Stadia Controller during designation and removal.

Whether you’ll indeed see any repairs done, however, might count on that tone Stadia Controller we own. No manifest outlines were left when installing and stealing from my Night Blue controller, yet my wife’s Wasabi controller was not so lucky, with light scuffing after any removal. These outlines are simply burnished away, thankfully.

In contrariety to a relations palliate of attaching a CLAW onto a Stadia Controller, a routine of ascent your Pixel phone is surprisingly difficult. The resource used to hold your phone is quite strong and can be a bit frustrating to open while also perplexing to place your phone in a grasp. While that strength is good for a reserve of your phone, it infrequently tragically backfires with a Power Support CLAW possibly clamping down a volume rocker or triggering a Pixel’s Active Edge.

Worse, a CLAW does not concede additional room for phones that are in a case. In my testing, we was incompetent to fit a Pixel 3a XL with an admittedly thick Speck box into a grip. Power Support claims that “many other phones will fit into a holder,” — that will come in accessible once Stadia supports non-Pixel Androids — yet if your phone is any wider than a Pixel 2 XL, we might be out of luck. Anything wider than about 80mm is not going to fit into a CLAW.

Comfort and balance

Coming from knowledge with other phone mounts for other controllers, a initial thing that stood out is how well-balanced a Stadia Controller CLAW is. An out-of-balance controller routinely takes a complicated fee on a wrists during longer gaming sessions.

Instead, a Power Support CLAW allows for extended hours of gentle gameplay. This is since it attaches your phone to a face of a controller, rather than a tip or a rear. Overall, this creates a whole supply feel many lighter in a hands than identical setups for other controllers.

However, a ergonomic pattern introduces some flaws of a own. For example, given a phone’s ascent indicate and angle, we roughly positively will not be means to see your controller’s buttons while clipped. If you’re not gentle personification with a Stadia Controller but looking during it, afterwards a CLAW mountain is not for you. This shouldn’t impact many gamers, though.

Another emanate is that dual of a controller’s middle buttons — privately a ones for holding screenshots and invoking a Google Assistant — are a bit harder to press with a CLAW attached. However, given that these buttons offer no purpose on Stadia for Android as we know it today, this is a non-issue in a brief term.

Honestly, a many vicious emanate with a CLAW mountain is one that is wholly out of Power Support’s control. For a time being, a usually approach to bond a Google Stadia Controller to a Pixel phone is with a USB-C cable, not over WiFi like on Chromecast. This also means that — unless we start to have a 1 ft. USB-C cable accessible — your controller supply will have an excessively prolonged handle swinging from it.

Should we buy a Power Support CLAW for a Stadia Controller?

Even with a flaws, a Power Support CLAW is still estimable of a $15 seeking cost if we ever intend on personification Stadia from your phone. In fact, a value tender will usually boost over time as Google brings Stadia to some-more phones and gives a Stadia Controller improved wireless capabilities, both of that will start over a march of 2020. The Power Support CLAW for Stadia Controller is accessible from a Google Store and direct from Power Support.

Or, if personification Google Stadia wirelessly is a must, we can also cruise a PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for a Xbox One controller we might already have handy.

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