Pretend your aged Android phone is a Pixel 2 with this giveaway lookalike …

Your Android phone competence not ever get an refurbish to Android 8.0 Oreo, though that doesn’t meant it has to be stranded in a past. There’s an app that will now make your Android phone demeanour a lot like Google’s Pixel 2 phone. And a best partial is that it’s easy to install, as it doesn’t need rooting your phone.

However, we should know that a Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 isn’t accessible in a Google Play store, that means you’ll have to sideload it. Naturally, that goes opposite a many simple approach of safeguarding yourself opposite malware and untrustworthy Android apps, avoiding unaccepted app sources.

The developer behind Rootless Pixel Launcher put a lot of bid into mimicking a Pixel 2 user interface and bettering it for several Android versions. Just check out a changelog during a couple above, and you’ll immediately know what I’m articulate about. In other words, this certain looks like a work of a chairman we can trust, if you’re still disturbed about a confidence implications of installing unaccepted apps. Not to discuss that we’re looking during chronicle 3.0 of a application.

That said, it’s adult to we to confirm either to trust a app that turns any Android handset into a Pixel 2 lookalike.

If we wish to implement it, you’ll initial need to capacitate Unknown Sources inside a Security territory of a Settings app. Once that’s done, check this Reddit thread that gives we all a required information to implement it, including a changelog for several Android versions that are supported.

The app is fundamentally a launcher that will reinstate your stream one. Built on Google’s AOSP for Android 8.1, a launcher works on inclination using Android 5.0 Lollipop or later. That means we can implement a app even on Android phones that have perceived a Oreo update, not only comparison models. It also works on Pixel phones if we wish to give it a try. It’s somewhat opposite than a genuine thing from Google.

The app offers Pixel 2 UI pattern and features, including Google Now feed, energetic themes and app icons, and “At a Glance” support to name a few. On tip of that, a developer combined several tradition tricks for roughly each Android recover that can run a launcher.

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