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Razer Project Linda

Razer isn’t fearful to boyant some engaging product ideas around CES any year. Over a past few years, a gaming hardware association has offering adult such concepts as Project Christine, a modular desktop PC, and Project Fiona, a Windows 8 gaming tablet.

This year is no exception, yet 2018’s moonshot seems a tiny some-more practical. Project Linda indeed takes an thought that’s been formerly grown — pairing a smartphone with a bombard of a laptop to offer radically as a wharf — by companies large (from Motorola behind in 2011 to HP final year) and tiny (crowdfunded campaigns like the Superbook and the Mirabook), yet it gives it a aptitude that Razer is famous for.

Like HP’s Elite x3, Project Linda has some-more character than only a laptop shell. For instance, a aluminum-clad framework facilities a 13.3-inch “Quad HD” (2560 x 1440) arrangement compared to a Elite x3’s 12.5-inch 1,920×1,080 screen. It would also come with 200GB of built-in storage to addition smartphone storage, that other phone docks customarily don’t include.

Something else that other docks don’t yield that Project Linda does is a advancing area forged out of a space where a touchpad typically goes. That’s given it’s privately designed to work with the recently expelled Razer Phone, a company’s high-end Android smartphone that can possibly offer as a touchpad or an auxiliary shade when connected to a dock.

The wharf has a ability to assign a Razer Phone while it’s connected, and a keyboard has Android-specific keys for loading apps and navigating a OS. As we competence expect, Razer is touting Project Linda’s ability to raise a Android gaming knowledge with a incomparable personification shade and a ability to use a rodent to control games, yet a outcome substantially wouldn’t be as immersive as a company’s some-more absolute and Windows-based Razer Blade family of gaming laptops.

As with a other projects, Razer is seeking village feedback on Project Linda before it decides either to move a product to tangible fruition. So while there’s apparently no pricing or recover date for a advancing system, this judgment might have a improved possibility of entrance to marketplace as it supports an existent device in a Razer Phone and substantially won’t be generously costly given it doesn’t have an costly processor and graphics label inside. Stay tuned and we’ll news if Project Linda ever sees a light of day.

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