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“And over here is a HomePod…” explains Ken Forster, Managing Director of Trivselhus UK, to Pocket-lint.

It is not a word we design to hear on a debate of a uncover home adult for sale, though afterwards a residence that Forster is display us isn’t any typical home.

It’s one of 39 in a new housing development, Sommar Place, in Milton Keynes. They’re being sole as “smart homes” and any comes with a full operation of a latest Apple products to get we started.

The association specialises in building appetite fit Swedish character homes in a UK and it hopes a pierce will be renouned among new homeowners looking to not usually suffer a some-more fit home, though a smarter one.

“We wanted to make certain [technology] touches all areas of a home. It indispensable to be endless rather than a token gesture,” explains Paul Armstrong, Trivselhus’ Technical Director, detailing because a association has enclosed a operation of opposite Apple HomeKit-enabled products. 


Rather than merely offer a smart speaker or maybe some smart lights the houses, that operation in distance from two-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom terraced townhouses (and cost between £250,000 and £450,000) will come packaged with tech including intelligent lights, intelligent switches, intelligent radiators, and intelligent security, all powered by Apple HomeKit enabled inclination and tranquil by a brood of enclosed Apple inclination like a Apple TV, Apple HomePod, and iPod, and even an Apple Watch.

The knowledge starts a impulse we step adult to a front doorway with a Netatmo Presence outmost confidence camera and a Danalock intelligent doorway lock. The later, not due out compartment Apr in a UK, allows we to open a front doorway possibly with a customary “Yale” pivotal or a discerning voice authority to Siri.

Once in a home, a tech continues with Lightwave sockets and switches to control a lights and anything plugged in, to Netatmo Smart Thermostat and Netatmo radiator thermostatic valves on all of a radiators in a house.

Two-thirds of a sockets are HomeKit enabled, while many of a light switches in a residence are “smart”, too, with Armstrong and his group operative with a company’s architects to try and position them in a many unsentimental places to maximize efficiency.

Elsewhere a association has used Elgato doorway and window sensors to raise security, fit sensors to detect transformation during night on a landing, and LiFX lights to pierce a bit of colour and fad to a proceedings.

“The pivotal to this is operative with someone who understands what a consumer wants. That’s because we’ve partnered with Apple,” adds Forster when we ask about a tech choices a association has finished over contend Google Home or Amazon’s Echo device with Alexa.

The span explain that regulating HomeKit instead of a complement like Crestron enables them to advantage from all a work Apple has finished to make a complement secure and elementary to use, though also give future homeowners something special though adding hugely to a sum cost of a home.

“To date, this spin of connected record integrated into a build of a new skill has usually been accessible in multi-million pound, bespoke intelligent homes.

“The record has been accessible to retrofit, though this fundamentally formula in controls that are fragmented and therefore reduction seamless to use. It’s a goal during Trivselhus to rise family homes that have a certain impact on how people live,” says Forster.

It’s something, on serve discussion, was clearly critical to a association as Armstrong explains how they attempted to equivocate mixed “hubs” in a downstairs cupboard. It’s one of a reasons a association opted for LiFX rather than Phillips Hue for example.

Those HomeKit integrations also concede them to simply let new homeowners embody scenes and automation, as good as environment a mood with a voice authority such as ‘movie night’ that can pierce a window blinds down, low a lights, spin adult a heating on Apple TV, or merely carrying a kettle boil when we travel in a front door. 


According to Forster and Armstrong, a list of probable tech to embody was extensive, though not all was suitable. The span go onto explain to us that a tech needs to be protected and secure:

“We don’t wish to sell a residence that isn’t secure. If we sell someone a residence where someone can get past a front doorway lock, we would be in critical trouble. We aren’t in a business of holding risks.”

It’s transparent from erratic around a new uncover home, that a concentration here is creation certain a inclination in a home work as a normal home initial with a intelligent formation exciting, though not essential.

The doorway is unlockable with a key, a lights still spin on with a switch, and a plugs still let we block your inclination in.


On completion, you’re not usually handed your keys, though also a box of tech goodies to set up. The full list of HomeKit enabled accessories and Apple rigging enclosed as customary are: 

Entertainment / Fun

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Apple HomePod
  • Apple iPod touch 

Energy control/monitoring

  • Netatmo Smart Thermostat
  • Netatmo radiator thermostatic valves
  • Lightwave RF Link Plus hub
  • Lightwave RF 2 squad sockets
  • Lightwave RF 1 squad light switches


  • LIFX bulbs (E27 screw fitting)


  • Elgato Eve Motion
  • Netatmo Presence – outmost confidence camera
  • Elgato Door window
  • Logitech Circle 2 Camera
  • Danalock

Health wellness

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Netatmo Healthy Home Coach


  • Linksys Velop (2-pack system)
  • HDMI lead (for Apple TV tie to TV)

It’s a endless list, nonetheless Trivselhus says we won’t need to set adult wireless passwords on day one to get started.

The association has also finished certain there is a decent internet broadband tie already set adult and prepared to go for when we pierce in.


We ask Forster either this is usually a pet plan to sound cold or something a association are unequivocally heavily investing in. The answer for intelligent home fans who don’t indispensably wish to live in Milton Keynes is promising.

The association tells Pocket-lint that this is a initial of many. The subsequent growth is already in a works nearby Cirencester in a Cotswolds, with skeleton to build a serve 1,000 intelligent homes over a subsequent 2 to 3 years in a UK already in place.

And with other developers expected to follow suit, a chances are, if you’re looking to pierce in a subsequent integrate of years, pivotal questions aren’t indispensably going to be around propagandize catchment, though usually how intelligent a home we about to buy unequivocally is.

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