PyeongChang – Day 0

Rockville relatives watch their daughter go for a gold

Today, Rockville proprietor Penny Skarupa (a Bethesda Magazine promotion comment executive) is on a craft firm for South Korea, where she will see her daughter, Haley, play hockey for Team USA in a 2018 Winter Olympics. Haley Skarupa found out in Dec that she had done a group and given afterwards a family has been creation skeleton to attend a games. Penny Skarupa concluded to yield Bethesda Beat with unchanging updates on what it’s like to be during a Olympics. She took a mangle from her last-minute make-up to call us for a initial conversation.

Click the link for some credentials on Haley, a Wootton graduate.

Bethesda Beat Time: 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

PyeongChang Time: 4:30 a.m. Wednesday

Penny’s location: The family’s second home, a brownstone in Boston’s South End 

Penny Skarupa packs for her outing to South Korea. Credit: Penny Skarupa

How do we ready for roving to a Olympics as an athlete’s family member?

Well, basically, whoever wants to come over can come over. …  A lot of these relatives had already requisitioned [hotels], since their girls had gotten on a group in May. We came on to it in Christmas, so we unequivocally had to scramble. … Each family will get 4 tickets to any of a girls’ games. … We had to book flights for my mother-in-law and son, who are going to come over on a 15th. We reached out to a events chairman and done certain that we have a right transport and [help] reckoning out a other things. They have a Proctor Gamble residence that friends and family have entrance to. You get 4 tickets to that, and it’s ostensible to be your home divided from home. … They contend it’s a unequivocally good place. … They have food sometimes, and they have tickets to some of a events. And afterwards apparently, there’s a USA house, that is where a lot of a celebrities go. And that’s ostensible to be unequivocally nice, too. 

What’s inside a text that a Olympic cabinet gave you?

That’s a Team USA PyeongChang 2018 Friends and Family Handbook. It’s like 48 pages. … A lot of it is about a food [that will be available]. It’s maps and convey buses and a income and all of that. They explain about a ceremonies. Some of it is pivotal phrases in Korean and phonetically explained. It’s a weather, mobile apps, what things to do before we go and kind of like a checklist.

Who’s entrance with we and your husband?

My 26-year-old son, Dylan, and he is going to be roving with my roughly 80-year-old mother-in-law. They leave on a 15th. They should be there, hopefully, for a award games. … She [Penny’s mother-in-law] has indeed been there to South Korea a integrate times before. She was a steel buyer, and she bought steel there.

Penny Skarupa, left, and Haley Skarupa

When is a final time we talked to Haley?

Haley is not a large one to speak on a phone, though we were texting this morning. Because they’re 14 hours ahead, it was 2:30 this morning, and we woke adult and was texting her. And then, when we was starting my day, she was observant goodnight to me. … Right now, they’re going by processing. They get their opening and shutting rite outfits. They get their lectern outfits. … They’re all dressed alike, so they get propitious when they get there for all of these outfits. They had a tailor there tailoring their jeans. … So, they go to opposite stations, like they go to Oakley and collect out sunglasses. There was a Samsung station, and a proffer was flitting out dungeon phones. It incited out, she went to Wootton High School with Haley. … She might’ve even put it on amicable media, saying, “Maryland is in a house!”

How are we feeling?

I only wish to keep myself well. I’ve never been like a germaphobe. But recently, I’ve been a paranoid person, like palm sanitizing and soaking my hands and holding a wellness pills. I’m not shaken to travel. I’m not shaken to go over there. we only wish to be well. … We did have to get endorsed shots. It wasn’t mandatory, it was only endorsed that we possibly take a typhoid pills or get a typhoid shot or get a Hepatitis A shot. So we took a pills, and we got a Hepatitis A shot.

Are we formulation on going crazy in a stands when Haley plays? Or are we some-more laid behind as a fan-mom?

I’m generally some-more cold out, though this is a Olympics. we bought a hat. we bought a mittens. we got a red scarf. we got a USA scarf. we brought some of Haley’s things. … I’ve got a integrate of her sweatshirts and things like that. … Ironically, we can get some of a [Olympic] things during Old Navy—a lot of a same things that is on a Team USA site. But we’re flattering embellished out. … I’m not doing a signs or a face paint. My friends are revelation me we should. We were with friends this weekend, and they pronounced Tony [Penny’s husband] should go shirtless. … A 56-year-old male doing that? we don’t consider so.

Are we going to a opening ceremony?

I’m not sure. It’s going to be like really, really, unequivocally cold. we would do it in a heartbeat if we knew we could see her travel in, though we don’t know if it’s value it to do it and not see her. … They are carrying an eventuality for a relatives during one of a hotels. So we consider we’re going to wait and see.

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