Quick Look: YouTube TV Comes Home to a NVIDIA SHIELD

When YouTube TV initial launched progressing this year, it had one outrageous cause in a preference compared to competing subscription streaming services: internal channels. The use wasn’t accessible everywhere, though in a markets where it was available, users were means to accept all of their vital internal networks. This factor, total with a comparatively low subscription cost of $35 per month, immediately done YouTube TV one of a best streaming options, though it also had a downside: device support.

At launch YouTube TV was usually accessible around a Chrome browser, iOS and Android, and newer Chromecast devices. There were no internal apps for renouned media inclination like a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV. But maybe a many startling repudiation was support for Android TV around inclination like a NVIDIA SHIELD. Most of a PC Perspective staff privately use a SHIELD due to a tender energy and capabilities, and a miss of YouTube TV support on Google’s possess media height was disappointing.

Thankfully, Google recently addressed this repudiation and has finally brought a internal YouTube TV app to a SHIELD with a SHIELD TV 6.1 Update.

Check out a overview of a YouTube TV on SHIELD experience.

The initial step to removing a YouTube TV app incited out to be a bit tricky. As shortly as a 6.1 Update was commissioned on my SHIELD, we jumped over to a Google Play Store app and searched for “YouTube TV.” Unfortunately, a formula that were returned associated usually to a YouTube app.

I insincere that a YouTube TV app was only rolling out solemnly to SHIELD owners, though when we still couldn’t find it after a day or two, we searched and found a app via a Google Play Store on a web. From there, as prolonged as you’re logged in with a same Google comment used on your SHIELD, we can perform a pull implement of a YouTube TV app true to your SHIELD, where it will uncover adult in your apps list after a few seconds.

As of a date of this article’s publication, a YouTube TV should now be accessible to all users around a Play Store, though if we don’t see it, we can always try a web pull method.

Once you’ve commissioned a app and logged in with your subscribed Google account, you’ll see a code new interface that shares a lot with a pattern of a YouTube TV mobile app, though is good optimized for a large screen.

“Home” displays endorsed content, new episodes of your favorite shows, and lists of shows and cinema organised by category.

At a bottom of a Home page is a plane list of networks offering on a service, and selecting one takes we to a network-specific page showcasing a content.

The “Library” territory curates all of a calm you’ve comparison to record or “added to your Library.” This combines both DVR accessible shows as good as on-demand content.

Heading over to a “Live” territory gives we a grid-style programming guide, including all of those internal channels that we expected can’t get around any other tide service.

Channels bucket sincerely quick when selecting a uncover or film and, in many cases, users can postponement or rewind live content, and skip forward during DVR’d content. If you’re examination on-demand shows from one of a networks, however, we won’t be means to skip past a scheduled ad breaks.

From an accessibility indicate of view, a YouTube TV app supports mixed audio streams and entirely customizable sealed captions when accessible in a calm stream.

Because it’s Google, you’ll also find links to unchanging YouTube calm sprinkled via a app. This includes links to associated YouTube videos when observation a show’s information page, as good as “recommended” videos on your Home screen.

The YouTube TV app on NVIDIA SHIELD is comparatively good overall, though there are a few issues I’ve beheld while regulating it over a past week. The first, and presumably many important, is video quality. Quality varies by channel, and is displayed during possibly 1080p or 720p formed on a source, though something’s musty with a bitrate. Compared to a other services I’ve tested on a SHIELD — PlayStation Vue and Sling TV — many YouTube TV channels seem softer, and issues like application artifacts appear some-more frequently.

Picture peculiarity really isn’t bad, and for someone like my mother a accessibility of internal channels trumps any teenager peculiarity differences, though those spooky with design peculiarity might not be satisfied.

Another emanate is a miss of ability to customize a interface or experience. YouTube TV on SHIELD has a black/gray thesis that contrasts with a white/silver thesis found in a service’s mobile app. Most will substantially cite a darker theme, though there’s now no approach to change it for those who don’t. You also can’t censor channels from a beam or change what’s shown on your Home screen. The app’s Settings options are meagre and you’re fundamentally singular to deciding how we wish a shows in your library sorted (by recommended, alphabetical, or recent). To be fair, many subscription streaming apps don’t offer most customization but, after years of regulating HTPCs, it’s something I’m anticipating for in a destiny update.

Finally, a YouTube TV app now doesn’t support voice commands from a SHIELD interface. For example, we can reason a microphone symbol my SHIELD remote and contend “Play Return of a Jedi on Plex” and it will automatically launch Plex and dump me right during a movie’s page. But if we contend “Watch ESPN on YouTube TV,” I’m told that “Voice actions aren’t accessible for that app.”

This is a comparatively teenager issue, as we can still use voice to hunt from within a YouTube TV app, though Google Assistant voice commands are removing so good that you’ll wish to use them on your SHIELD, and it’s kind of a bummer to have to strech for a remote when an app is compatible.

There are other issues with YouTube TV such as a repudiation of some renouned channels, though we was essentially meddlesome in contrast a knowledge of a app on SHIELD, and not reviewing a use as a whole (which we’ve already done to a certain degree). Overall, if YouTube TV has a calm and channels we need, a service’s SHIELD app is comparatively good designed, fast, and easy to use. There are other ways to watch your internal networks on a SHIELD, though if we wish a singular resolution that provides over-the-air and paid subscription content, a YouTube TV app is a good option, and one that I’ll be switching to exclusively now that it’s accessible on my media device of choice.

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