Rage 2 Trailer Coming Soon, Bethesda Teases

Update 4: A trailer for a new Rage diversion is entrance this Monday, apparently, while some-more teaser images popped adult as well.

Update 3: The latest teaser picture is here, and this one’s a bit some-more on-the-nose than a others. It doesn’t have a same pinkish paint as a progressing ones, yet it does uncover what looks to be a impression from Rage station in line to enter a building with Anarchy Tours on a door. The strange Rage came in a special Anarchy Edition, so there is some tie to advise this is Rage-related. We’ll expected get a improved thought on May 14.

Update 2: Another teaser has arrived. It shows a bustling travel in what could be London, following a progressing Big Ben teaser image. Again, we see a same pinkish tone all over a image, yet there is clearly zero directly restraining this to Rage 2.

Update: Bethesda has common another teaser picture on Twitter, serve reinforcing a theories that May 14 will move some kind of announcement. This one facilities a rocket banishment into space with a numbers “5-14” ornate on a side. It’s transparent that something is entrance on Monday.

Rage 2 still seems to be a expected candidate, presumption a Walmart inventory for it was not an error. The fume left behind a rocket is a same pinkish tone that was used in Bethesda’s tweets about a Rage 2 listing. Whether that means anything during this indicate is unclear, yet a choice of tone between any of these posts is telling. Whether a tangible images–the rocket and Big Ben–have any definition stays to be seen. The strange story follows a tweet.

Bethesda appears to be teasing an arriving proclamation with a deceptive picture of a Big Ben clocktower in London, England. A tweet consists usually of an picture of a tower, with splendid pinkish streaks of graffiti opposite a face. The Internet is already scouring a picture for clues.

Recently Walmart Canada seemed to have leaked several arriving diversion announcements, including Rage 2 from Bethesda. The association had an uncharacteristic greeting for a publisher, publicly responding to a trickle with peaceful chiding. The central Twitter comment for Rage done a indicate of derisive a placeholder picture for regulating a wrong rise and improper pivotal art. All this is important since a prohibited pinkish paint used for a commotion trademark and records seem to be identical to a one on a Big Ben time face. The paint even looks like it could be a prejudiced commotion symbol.

Also potentially a idea is a time, that is set during 5:14. That could conform to a date, that would be this Monday. Altogether it seems probable that a Rage 2 proclamation of some arrange could be entrance subsequent week. Whether this would have been a strange devise or if a association is only responding fast to a cat being let out of a bag isn’t clear.

Or, all this could be wholly off a symbol and Bethesda is teasing something else entirely. With E3 2018 fast approaching, we’ll know shortly enough. Bethesda’s E3 showcase is designed for Sunday, Jun 10 during 6:30 p.m. PT / 9:30 p.m. ET.

Bethesda has continued to recover teaser images any day, any with a softly opposite theme. Instead of epitome objects, these images concentration some-more on images of people, or unusual tools of them. All yet one say a purple 5:14. You can check out a rest of a teasers suggested on Bethesda’s Twitter in a gallery below.

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