Razer announces a ‘gold’ Razer Phone that’s bullion in trademark only

2018 is a Year of a Dog on a Chinese calendar, and Razer is celebrating a Spring Festival by nod it with a special book of a Razer Phone. Once we get past a fancier red packaging, however, you’ll have to demeanour unequivocally closely to commend what’s opposite about this phone. It’s ostensible to be a “gold” Razer Phone, yet a usually thing that’s altered is a outline of Razer’s three-headed lizard trademark on a behind of a device. You do also get some rather disdainful gold-tinted Razer stickers in a package, yet there’s no tough acknowledgment on either a oranges graphic come bundled as well.

Image: Razer

The Razer Phone was launched late final year underneath a tagline of being a smartphone designed for and by gamers, yet it valid a disappointment. This singular run of Gold Edition Razer Phones isn’t going to do anything to urge a user experience, yet it competence raise a exclusivity cause — if passersby demeanour closely adequate to notice a bullion logo. Still labelled during $699.99, a presumably bullion (but still mostly black) Razer Phone can be purchased currently during 3 (the mobile carrier) Hong Kong stores, and online during Razer Store Hong Kong and Razer Store US.

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