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An Australian child was given a new Razer keyboard and additional gaming accessories after a burglar stole a keyboard that was meant to be his Christmas present, Channel News Asia reports.

After conference about a theft, Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang reached out to a family on amicable media observant that he wished to reinstate Callum’s keyboard.

In further to a keyboard, a burglar stole a set of tools, a credit card, and several gifts meant for Callum’s sister. In an interview, a children’s mother, Adela Courteille, voiced difficulty as to since a burglar would worry holding dolls.

“I can know collection and a credit label though what is a burglar going to do with a Barbie doll, a tiny play purse and other collection for a daughter Chelsea,” Courteille told a Daily Telegraph.

“The presents for a son Callum will be harder and some-more costly to reinstate since they were some-more specific, like a Razer gaming keyboard,” she added.

It’s during this indicate that Razer stepped in to reinstate Callum’s stolen presents. In further to a keyboard, Razer supposing him with several other accessories such as a rodent and headset.

We wish Callum enjoys his new Razer keyboard, though if you’ve still got some final notation Christmas selling to do we’re here to help. Check out a list of best gaming keyboards to see some of a best keyboards on a marketplace or check out a review of a Razer Phone to see what we suspicion of a company’s initial incursion into a universe of smartphones.

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