Razer Is Making Everything Pink Now, Including Laptops

Last year hardware builder Razer turned 4 of a peripherals pink. This year a company’s “Quartz” line of pinkish gaming rigging expands by a microphone, wireless PlayStation 4 controller, headset stand, phone box and, best of all, a singular book pinkish steel Razer Blade Stealth laptop. Pink metal. Mmmm.

My adore of pinkish things, privately pinkish gaming gear, is well-documented. What began years ago as a accessible color-coded approach to support my comparison sister’s onslaught opposite breast cancer (she kicked a ass) blossomed into an strenuous appreciation for a softest, loveliest and happiest of hues. More and some-more people are throwing on to pinkish energy each day, and some of those people are fans of Razer stuff. Those people should adore a new Quartz line.

I mean, demeanour during this thing:

Okay, so it’s not a dedicated gaming laptop like a Razer Blade or Razer Blade Pro. The 13-inch Stealth is some-more of a capability laptop. But where a strange black Stealth or a newer gunmetal or white variations, there is zero understated about a Valentine’s Day singular edition. It is pinkish and glossy and it’s got a poetic red Razer trademark next a screen.


There have been other pinkish laptops. Some are ostentatious cosmetic trash. Others do a whole Apple “rose gold” thing. Screw rose bullion in a foolish rose bullion face.


Again, not a powerhouse, though flattering tough for a super-thin, 3 bruise notebook. It’s got Nvidia GeForce MX 150 4GB graphics, 16GB of twin channel memory and an 8th era Intel i7-8565U processor. It’s going to widespread a ruin out of some sheets. The singular book pinkish Razer Blade Stealth goes on sale currently for $1,600 in a US, Canada and China.

The second coolest new pinkish thing from Razer is a pinkish chronicle of a Raiju Tournament Edition wireless PlayStation 4 and PC controller. With a re-mappable buttons (it’s got a possess mobile pattern app) and tractable attraction options, it’s a unequivocally versatile controller. Unfortunately it’s usually accessible in Europe, Asia and Oceania, so if we aren’t there you’ll have to import a $150 controller elsewhere.


But that’s okay. The pinkish third-generation Razer Kraken headset ($80) should be accessible everywhere, as will a pinkish chronicle of a Razer Seiren X microphone ($100) and a accessible pinkish Base Station Chroma ($60).

Finally, we’ve got a new additions to a Quartz keyboard and rodent lineup. There’s a pinkish chronicle of a Razer Huntsman ($150). It uses visual switches for faster response, interrupting a lamp of light to register a keystroke rather than attack automatic contacts. The Razer Basilisk ($70) is a good all-around rodent that will do until someone releases a pinkish trackball. Finally there’s a Goliathus Extended Chroma, a $60 keyboard and rodent aspect that’s mostly gray, so it doesn’t unequivocally count.


Oh, and there’s a pinkish box for a Razer Phone 2 in a design adult top, though that’s a unequivocally specific thing for unequivocally specific people, nothing of whom I know.

The takeaway here is that if adequate of us pinkish fans make adequate noise, eventually all will be pinkish and we can finally take a mangle to hurl around in all of it. Read some-more about Razer’s extended Quartz line over at a central website.

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