Razer Phone 2, Raiju Mobile Gamepad Detailed

Razer Wednesday night denounced a Razer Phone 2, a redesigned take on a category-defining gaming phone with a beefed adult processor, extended cooly system, wireless charging support, and Razer Chroma lighting.

The phone, that goes on pre-order this week for $800, still facilities a 120 Hz shade modernise and hold sampling and now also has dual front-facing speakers.

A large component of a redesign was creation certain that a Razer Phone 2 would be some-more than simply a good phone for gaming.

“It indispensable to be not only a gaming phone, though a good phone,” pronounced Michael Breslin, conduct of tellurian selling and sales mobile business during Razer. “We totally redesigned a phone from a belligerent adult for a crowd of reasons.”

Chief among them was expected a sub-par reviews a strange phone perceived when it came to regulating a device to do things like take pictures.

“One of a biggest points of consumer feedback was around camera opening and imaging quality,” pronounced Vivek Gowri, comparison manager of hardware during Razer. “We knew that was going to be really vicious for us.”

The Razer Phone 2 now has dual behind cameras: a 12 MP wide-angle with visual picture stabilization and a 12 MP telephoto with dual times zoom. This time around a cameras use Sony IMC sensors and are tuned to furnish low-noise images with a wider progression of colors. The front of a phone facilities an 8 MP lens that supports streaming during full HD resolution. The Razer Phone 2’s camera app has also been totally redesigned.

While a physique of a phone looks identical to a original, it now has a potion behind that supports wireless charging. The phone is also now 1P67 rated, definition it can be submerged for adult to 30 mins but damage.

The behind of a phone facilities Razer’s three-headed lizard logo, that can change colors regulating a company’s Chroma system.

Inside, a phone is powered by a Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon chipset and  Qualcomm Adreno 630 graphics estimate unit. Razer redesigned a cooling complement as well, expanding a fog cover to give it a most incomparable aspect area for feverishness dissipation.

“We didn’t wish to have a phone that had good framerates for 10 mins and bad framerates for 50,” Gowri said. “That’s not anyone’s thought of a good gaming experience. Now we can widespread feverishness around a phone and that means it can run faster for longer.”

The phone also facilities a 4,000 mAH ability battery and works with LTE Gigabit networks with download speeds of adult to 1.2 Gbit per second.

Alongside a new phone, Razer also denounced a Raiju Mobile controller for a phone and USB-C ANC Razer Hammerhead earbuds.

The controller facilities an tractable phone mountain and Bluetooth connectivity along with 4 remappable buttons, a directional pad, dual thumbsticks, and dual triggers with stops for hair-trigger mode. The $150 controller is due out a after this year.

The new Razer Hammerhead USB-C earbuds draws a energy for active sound termination from a phone and includes a built-in digital to audio converter for 24bit/96 kHz audio quality. It also has an in-line remote with volume control, ANC control, and play, pause, finish call buttons. The $100 Hammerhead is due out on Oct. 22 around Razer’s website.

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