Razer phone 2 review: “The best phone for gaming… with some caveats”

The unequivocally existence of a Razer phone 2 is a extraordinary one. To many, a thought of shopping a phone essentially for gaming might seem strange. After all, many complicated intelligent phones play games ideally well, with even a many perfectionist apps unwell to unequivocally pull a hardware in many people’s pockets. And while mobile games have come on leaps and bounds, they can’t wish to compare whatever we play on a Switch or even many tablets. The Razer phone 2 is not usually marketed as a gaming phone, though it’s privately designed to maximize a intensity of a games we play on it.

Razer phone 2 – Specs

Screen: 5.7-inch QHD display
Storage: 64GB
Processor: Snapdragon 845
Camera: 12MP behind / 8MP front
Battery life: 10-12 hours (standard settings)
Charge time: 2 hours (from 0%)
OS: Android

In that sense, it’s a genuine success with usually a few annoying caveats. This honestly is a best phone for gaming right now – and tops a list of a best gaming phones – though for day to day use it’s merely average. Every partial of a pattern is here to raise how we play, from a large and pleasing 5.7” touchscreen to a 2.8GHz Snapdragon processor to a glorious Dolby Atmos speakers. This pattern philosophy, however, has an impact on how a rest of a phone performs and feels to use. So, a doubt here isn’t how good a Razer phone 2 is, though rather what we indeed wish to use it for.

Razer phone 2 – design

The pattern and altogether feel of a Razer phone 2 is unequivocally unchanging with a Razer brand. That’s to say, block edges, poetic plain materials, and a intense chroma pitch on a behind of a unit. It feels stout and chunky, ideal for holding anywhere in a universe and settling in for a two-handed, all-attention-focused-on-screen gaming session. The phone is waterproof too, so we can play it outward even in light rain. 

On a flipside, carrying such a corpulent phone means that it’s near-impossible to use with one hand, unless you’re a giant. So, discerning checking messages, or defeat a phone out for an unpretentious print or selfie is flattering difficult, and not something that can be finished idly. You have to be ok with not being means to reason a phone and appropriate from tip to bottom with your thumb.

In terms of other features, a fingerprint scanner is intensely good placed on a side of a phone. Android phones have always struggled with fingerprint ID, since distinct a iPhone, many don’t have a executive ‘home’ button. Here it’s down a side. The scanner is also a Razer phone 2’s standby button, and once we get accustomed to a placement, it works intensely well. The volume buttons, that are lifted somewhat from a section (and peculiar pattern choice, actually, as all else is  flush to a side) lay in a centre, so they can be simply accessed in landscape or mural mode – again, to make a phone some-more accessible for gaming.

Finally, there’s a charging pier during a base… and no headphone jack. Controversial subject. For a phone that’s tailor finished for gaming, we’d design a ability to bond connected headphones, notwithstanding a fact it compromises waterproofing, so this is a symbol opposite a Razer phone 2. Not everybody can means or wants wireless headphones.

Razer phone 2 – features

This phone’s stand-out underline is positively a 5.7” screen, that can hoop a fortitude of 1140×2560 pixels during 120Hz, and allows HDR arrangement for games and movies. And it’s a gorgeous, tough screen, display off a games we exam with in pleasing clarity and vibrancy. PUBG looks as good as it’s going to get on a small screen, and a colors unequivocally cocktail in a span of MCU cinema we watch (Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War). If you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t play Fortnite mobile. The usually genuine problem with a Razer phone 2’s shade is a edges. The shade itself displays in a 16:9 ratio, and there’s a transparent black limit around a edge, creation it feel rather antiquated subsequent to many of a phone’s competitors, like a Galaxy S9 Plus. It might seem like a small censure to not have an edgeless screen, though it creates a large disproportion when you’re examination TV shows and personification some-more cinematic games.

Size matters when it comes to gaming phones, and a measure and chain of a shade here is excellent. It’s ideal for landscape-mode, ambidextrous play, and there’s adequate breadth here that we can absolutely work games with both hands while in portrait. As you’d expect, a potion feels tough and responsive, and a increasing distance of a section also means you’re reduction expected to move adult Android overlays while we play.

Moving on to sound, and a speakers here are excellent. Even when you’re personification though a span of headphones, we get splendidly transparent audio by a twin speakers. With headphones on, a sound peculiarity we get is good too, nonetheless this is generally down to a capabilities of your cans rather than a section itself. You do need to go wireless, as mentioned above, though this is elementary to set-up and a Bluetooth tie is flattering solid. 

The built in camera is ok. It’s fine. There’s a 12MP camera during a rear, and an 8MP front-facing lens. While it does furnish pointy images, generally of still objects, it still doesn’t hoop suit quite well, and aspirant phones – like a Huawei P20 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S9 have distant higher cameras and image-manipulation software. Again, these are roughly a same cost too, if a small cheaper if we go handset only.

Razer phone 2 – performance

Let’s start with a good. The processor in here is fast, so there’s no problem regulating a biggest, many modernized games during full resolution. We attempted a accumulation – from shooters to RPGs to elementary infrequent nonplus games, and they all looked great. Something like Battle of Polytopia ran like a dream, even with limit tribes all during war, and a shade finished a primary colors unequivocally pop. There was some picture cropping, however, and that 16:9 aspect ratio doesn’t play good with some complicated games that don’t or can’t adapt. We ran mixed apps all during once, and all was well-spoken and good done.

What impresses most, actually, is a battery. Even underneath complicated use, it lasts about 10 hours, and with fast charging you’re prepared to go again in only underneath dual hours. That’s impressive, and a Razer phone 2 does support wireless charging too, that is a neat touch. The potency and flexibility of a beat is a large bonus over aspirant phones, and of march with a Android OS, we do get a choice to optimize your phone’s resources and usage, and change all kinds of options to make it improved for gaming and media. While we’re articulate about a OS, we found a Razer’s chronicle of Android a small trickier to navigate than on other phones, generally with a default icons that are all an upsetting shade of green. Hey, it’s a small issue, though when you’re regulating a phone each day it’s cosmetic things like this that can impact how we feel about your device.

Overall – should we buy it?

There’s no doubt that a Razer phone 2 is a decent square of tech. If you’re looking for a phone that handles gaming and media, generally TV, afterwards this is a clever contender since all is geared towards those dual activities. The shade is large and bright, and a processor inside is quick. Another advantage is a glorious Dolby Atmos sound, generally if you’re going to be personification though headphones, and a battery (plus fast charging) meant you’ll be means to use this handset heavily, though too many trips to a wall-socket. However, as an tangible phone, there are improved models out there, for cheaper prices. The shade isn’t edgeless, a handset is a small too corpulent for bland use, and a camera is middling. It’s a good finished device, sure, though it lacks some unequivocally useful features, like that headphone input. For mobile gamers, who wish a primo knowledge with PUBG, yes, this is a good option. For anyone reduction critical about gaming and some-more about bland use, we should hang with Android though demeanour elsewhere.

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