Razer Phone 2 gossip review: specs, new facilities and cost expectations

The new Razer Phone 2 is entrance Oct 10th, that many is clear. While some aspects of Razer’s new gaming phone are all though certain, others seem to still be adult in a air. Razer isn’t accurately a mainstream code when it comes to smartphones, though a mechanism peripherals and gaming laptops have combined a dedicated fan bottom that’s looking brazen to a new release, wondering if they’ll be putting a new phone in their pockets soon.

So, what accurately do we know about it so far? Let’s start with a engaging partial first: what will be opposite from a prior model.

A some-more absolute chip

Following a judicious trail of succession, a Razer Phone 2 is entrance with a Snapdragon 845 mobile height on board. Not usually was a Snapdragon 845 benefaction on an AnTuTu benchmark for a Razer Phone 2, but Razer Global’s vice-president, Chen Xiaoping pronounced himself in an talk progressing this year that a new Razer smartphone will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest high-end chip, that during a time of a interview, as good as now, is a Snapdragon 845.

Some difficulty was caused recently by a Google Play certification, submitted by Razer, display a Razer Phone 2 listed with a Snapdragon 835.

That screenshot was adequate to means a stir on a internet

Your Razer Phone 2 will feel right during home among a rainbow-y brethren


It’s not transparent if a Razer Phone 2 will come with several storage options, though a indication seen on a leaked benchmarks shows 512 GB of storage, a outrageous boost over a 64GB that were on a initial one. If we’ve schooled one thing from other phones with 512 GB of storage (Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS), it’s that this oppulance doesn’t come cheap. It’s approaching that Razer will offer two, presumably 3 storage options: 64 GB, 128 or 256 GB and 512GB. The prior indication supports micro SD cards, though a softened storage could be a pointer that a new phone will miss that option.

Touchpad on a back!? (fake)

While we’d adore to see phone manufacturers examination with opposite features, this gossip is closer to sad thinking.

Everyone knows a best leaks are cinema of monitors

We can usually wish that Razer proves us wrong, though this one’s a broken on a list.

What we design to sojourn a same 

Not all needs to change from era to era and Razer has a lot of facilities in a stream phone that will offer owners of a Razer Phone 2 equally well. Here are some of them:

The Design

Renders of a Razer Phone 2 uncover a device that’s tough to heed from a predecessor. The new indication appears to have a same altogether distance and keeps a twin front-facing speakers that exaggerate Dolby Atmos support.

Hint – a new one is on a right

The Razer Phone display’s high modernise rate creates games demeanour smoother

Battery and RAM

No changes are approaching when it comes to those twin specs. Considering a large 4000mAh battery in a initial Razer Phone, we can’t unequivocally censure Razer for not upgrading it. The same is current for a new phone’s memory. 8 GB is some-more than adequate for a smartphone and now no manufacturer has left serve than that.

All sounds good, though what about a price?

That’s a question, isn’t it? The initial Razer Phone was expelled with a cost tab of $699. While it will be good if a new indication can compare that and keep all a upgrades, we have a feeling that this year’s indication will come with a aloft cost tag. Not usually is there a trend of high-end phones costing some-more and more, though a 512 GB storage choice alone can place a phone around a $900 mark. The Asus ROG Phone is also approaching around that price, if not higher, that competence give Razer a thought that they could go aloft as well. On a other hand, if Razer wants to make a new phone some-more popular, it could scapegoat some of a distinction domain to move out a tip performer during a some-more rival price. As many other phones in a jam-packed high-end shred of a smartphone market, a cost will mostly establish a success of a new device.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait many to find out what’s loyal and what’s not, in one figure or another a Razer Phone 2 is entrance Oct 10th.

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