Razer Phone 2: what we wish to see

The Razer Phone has set a customary for what a gaming smartphone should be. It has top-end specs, like so many flagship phones, nonetheless truly stands out with a 120Hz display. Tapping into a roots as a PC-focused company, Razer knows that games are usually as good as a shade that we play them on.

Looking forward, there’s a ton of intensity for a Razer Phone 2. From a some-more apparent improvements, like jumping adult to Snapdragon 845, to pattern and program changes, we’ve put together a list of what we wish to see out of a subsequent gaming phone to order them all.

Cut to a chase

When will a Razer Phone 2 release?

Leaks on a Razer Phone 2 have been light so far, nonetheless one has flush that states a phone may launch in September presumably during IFA 2018 in Germany as a venue.

This recover would put it within a year of a Nov 2017 release.

How many will a Razer Phone 2 cost?

It could finish adult costing some-more than a strange Razer Phone, that now goes for $699 (£699, around AU$890).

What we wish to see

A polished design

That a Razer Phone adopted a demeanour of a Nextbit Robin was a bit of a surprise. Opinion of a blocky pattern varies extravagantly among those in a bureau (though we like it utterly a bit), so many of us are looking to Razer’s subsequent phone to shake things up.

The answer doesn’t distortion simply in rounding off a corners or creation it an all-glass affair, nonetheless there are positively a few ways in that Razer can inject some singular pattern in a subsequent phone. 

Judging from a lineup of PC peripherals, a association knows a thing or dual about conceptualizing with curves. Another pivotal member of Razer pattern is RGB lights – and a lot of them. Curiously, a Razer Phone facilities positively none, and that competence have been a correct pierce until a association could figure out how to change them visually what with their illusive impact to battery performance.

A headphone pier with DAC

Is it too many to ask for a headphone port? Looking during a Razer Phone, there’s plenty room for it, so a repudiation is maybe some-more inexcusable than other phones that lopped off a feature. 

In further to a 3.5mm pier on a Razer Phone 2, we’d like to see it juiced adult with a DAC of some sort, like we’ve seen with a LG V30 and prior models in that series. Razer’s shade tech is next-level, nonetheless tying this phone to USB-C or wireless headphones is a downside

Stereo speakers

Dual front-facing speakers can unequivocally make an impact in a day-to-day use of a phone. Whether we spend gangling time examination YouTube videos or personification games, front-facing speakers rouse a knowledge – usually try going behind to a phone with a orator that fires divided from your face.

Razer did good to embody this underline in a Razer Phone, so all we’re seeking is that it keeps it from a successor.

Wireless charging

The Razer Phone doesn’t support wireless charging, nonetheless there’s small reason because a supplement should be limited. 

If a company’s subsequent phone is done with glass, that would be maybe a easiest approach to make that happen. But looking during a Hyperflux wireless charging record now employed with PC peripherals like a Razer Mamba Hyperflux, it seems like this underline is unfailing to make an coming on a arriving phone

Timely updates

The Razer Phone launched in Nov 2017, good after Android Oreo launched, nonetheless it came with Android Nougat built-in. After usually usually receiving a Oreo refurbish in Apr 2018, we wish that a subsequent indication comes with Android P built into a phone should it occur to arrive after Google’s new software.

A phone that adopts new program fast is expected to turn a fan-favorite, nonetheless Razer’s time with Nougat positively didn’t spoil a experience. That’s partially due to a Nova Launcher software. It’s expected to keep with that going forward, usually upgrading when a launcher is concordant with Google’s software.

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