Razer Phone 2’s Android Pie refurbish adds 4k60FPS video recording

The Android Pie refurbish for a Razer Phone 2 is usually around a corner. The unbarred Razer Phone 2 units will receive a refurbish on a 27th of February. In a proclamation article, we mentioned that a refurbish was flattering most unclothed skeleton with usually a standard Android Pie features. Razer didn’t unequivocally didn’t move anything singular to a table. At slightest that’s what we thought, since on a surface Android 9 on a Razer Phone 2 looks accurately a same as Android Oreo, detached from Pie-specific facilities like navigation gestures and polished UI.

Razer Phone 2 XDA Forum

Our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, found out that Razer silently combined 4K60fps video recording to a Razer Phone 2. Surprisingly, a press recover of a refurbish didn’t discuss anything about this addition. It is really easy to activate a new mode. All we have to do is open a camera, switch to video recording, and above a shooter button, daub on a second idol to change a resolution, afterwards a fifth idol to change a framerate. Here is a screenshot:

razer phone 2 4k60fps android pie

razer phone 2 4k60fps android pie

In a prior chronicle of Android, a Razer Phone 2 could usually constraint 2160p (4K) video during 30 frames per second. The time reduction of 4k60fps recording is now unknown, though we’re operative to brand it. It is misleading because Razer motionless to not make a accessibility of this long-awaited underline some-more public. Whatever a box is, we’re happy that this ideally able device can now use some-more of a potential. The hardware has never been a tying cause on any of a dual phones Razer has expelled so far. It is usually a program shortcomings that keep them from unleashing all a energy they have.

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