Razer Phone 3 will arrive late due to 5G

Razer Phone 3, a new smartphone dedicated to a universe of mobile gaming, is still articulate about itself; after a rumors about a termination of a project, about a abandonment of several employees of a association and about a new probability that a smartphone will be made, currently a CEO of a association thinks to make some clarity, nonetheless not explicitly.

In a new interview, Min-Liang Tim, CEO of Razer, explained his prophesy on a stream smartphone world, withdrawal room for a probable proclivity that led Razer Phone 3 to live such a uneasy path.


According to Min-Liang Tim, in fact, shopping a gaming smartphone now is not a good idea: a reason is simple, and concerns a new 5G network; those who wish to buy such a device would like to select a 5G smartphone this year, nonetheless a infrastructure is still absent, so heading to a reduce direct for 4G smartphones available new models.

Considering a above, Razer could be itself watchful for a 5G network to start to enhance before rising a possess Razer Phone 3, and this could meant a late launch of a smartphone, even in 2020.

What do we consider of Razer’s considerations?

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