Razer Phone camera still being improved, gets Portrait mode in new …

Razer has expelled a latest refurbish for a Razer Phone. The bureau images were posted on a central Razer Developer portal, while users in a Razer Phone subreddit have remarkable that they’ve perceived it over-the-air also.

The update’s patch records state that a device has perceived a new Portrait mode alongside a May Android confidence patches. The Razer Phone’s camera has been one of a many ordinarily complained about features, and Razer has done a series of improvements to it given a recover in 2017.

Razer Phone May refurbish patch records screenshot. Reddit

Portrait mode, that produces images with a bokeh credentials effect, is sincerely common on flagship smartphones now and a acquire further to a Razer Phone. Software upgrades, however, can usually urge a Razer Phone’s camera to a certain extent.

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The patch records also advise several bug fixes and improvements, one of that is pronounced to be a repair for a multi-touch bug that done a arrangement act erratically when some-more than one finger was on it. Rounding off a update, a ability to close equipment in a “recents” menu was also reportedly added.

Look out for a refurbish rolling out OTA in a entrance days, or revisit developer.razer.com if we wish to implement it manually.


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