Razer Phone: Is this indeed a ultimate gaming phone?

Following Wednesday’s launch of a new Razer Phone and a hands-on review, I’ve now had a event to play with a Razer Phone and I’m left wondering if this is indeed a loyal gaming phone? What follows isn’t a full examination and test, that will come later, though my initial thoughts on a Razer Phone.

It would be easy to perspective a new Razer Phone as a pristine selling practice to interest to their core market. On a aspect a specs don’t differ from a engorgement of a recently launched ’flagship’ phones. The Razer Phone, identical in distance to a iPhone 8 Plus, has a vast 5.7” screen, Snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB of storage with a serve 256GB accessible around microSD.

Whilst a supposing 8GB RAM is huge, it’s not rare – variants of a OnePlus 5 shipped with 8GB. And while pattern is subjective, we don’t see it appealing to a normal phone buyer, generally if we review it to a bezelless competition. So, zero to see here, pierce along.

Razers engineers, or should we contend ex Nextbit engineers have clearly focused on a areas tighten to gamers hearts. The title underline is a UltraMotion 120Hz screen, with that high support rate providing a smoother gaming knowledge – Razer are operative with a diversion studios to safeguard their titles lift any support rate caps.

Additionally, as a support rate is adaptive, immobile pages will use a revoke support rate and therefor revoke a impact on battery life. Talking of which, a vast 4,000 mAh battery should give we copiousness of diversion time. For a rest of us, a phone knowledge is intensely well-spoken as a outcome of a UltraMotion Display, Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB RAM, even if a IGZO LCD doesn’t seem to be a brightest.

The monolithic pattern with front confronting Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, celebrated by a cranky induce griddle design. These also yield somewhere to put your thumbs though obscuring a shade during those gaming sessions. Razer speak adult how they conduct a thermal pouch within a phone to revoke processor throttling so some additional aspect to discharge a feverishness to is positively handy.

Yet, a likeness to a Nextbit Robin is tough to omit so it might be that this was already a work in swell when Razer acquired Nextbit, positively a speed to marketplace has been impressive. Don’t get me wrong, it feels OK in a palm due to a materials used and a chamfered edges, though it’s not what I’d call beautiful.

The new Razer Phone, have we seen this somewhere before?

What’s even foreigner for a gaming focused phone is a miss of a headphone jack. The requisite USB-C to 3.5mm adapter is provided, though we don’t have a choice to block in headphones while charging your phone.

Software wise, within settings, we are means to set a support rate to 120, 90 or 60Hz and a arrangement fortitude to 1440p, 1080p or 720p. This is supplemented by a Game Booster choice that allows we to change between opening and battery life, excavate deeper and you’ll find granular control by application/game over CPU speed, Resolution/Anti-aliasing and limit support rates.

Set change between opening or battery life
Individually set parameters for any application

Game Booster Settings

Overall, we don’t see this as a outrageous change for mobile phone gaming compared to other flagship phones. The IGZO LCD on initial acquaintance, while smoother than any other phone display, seems some-more resigned than those of a OLED competitors where games seem brighter with punchier colors. Outside of a display, a games we quickly played achieved equally on a LG V30 as they did on a Razer Phone.

The success that Nintendo are saying with a Switch proves that a portable/more infrequent gaming marketplace exists and this is a marketplace that Razer wish to daub into.

If not, Razer might be confronting a tough plea to enhance over a stream fans with a Razer Phone. Whilst a specs are adult there with a flagship phones of 2017, a looks alone could put off those who’ve never seen 2001 A Space Odyssey.

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