Razer Phone review

Following a merger of Nextbit, gaming code Razer has entered a smartphone marketplace with a handset directed during gamers. It’s simply called a Razer Phone and offers implausible tech not found on any other smartphones on a marketplace including a 120Hz Quad HD arrangement able of charity double a framerate of a likes of a iPhone X, Pixel 2 and more.

It’s a good concept, yet has Razer finished adequate to concrete a place in a smartphone market? We’ve spent some time gaming on a Razer Phone so here’s a full review.

Price and availability

Those meddlesome in picking adult a Razer Phone can do so right now – a smartphone is accessible to buy from both Razer and Three UK, nonetheless during somewhat opposite prices.

You can head to Razer and collect adult a smartphone on PAYG for £699.99, or we can make a intelligent preference and grab one from Three UK for over £100 reduction during £595 – go figure. There’s also a operation of Razer Phone contracts accessible from a network if we don’t imagination (or some-more expected can’t afford) going SIM-free.

The smartphone is accessible exclusively on a network in a UK so regardless of where we buy it, chances are that it’ll be sealed to Three UK.  

Design and build

Let’s be honest, a Razer Phone won’t be winning any smartphone pattern awards when compared to a likes of a iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5T. The rather angular, blocky pattern that a Razer Phone employs is infrequently suggestive of a Xperia operation (which is also deliberate rather unattractive) yet with a clearly Razer feel.

In terms of specifics, a Razer measures in during a rather thick and extended 778x8mm and weighs in during a large 197g, creation it one of a heavier flagship smartphones now available.

These total are immediately conspicuous when we collect a smartphone adult yet that’s not indispensably a bad thing. It creates a phone feel stout and some-more secure in a hand. It is a fingerprint magnet though, generally on a aluminium rear!

It looks like a plain retard of aluminium with scarcely invisible receiver lines during a tip and bottom, with a Razer trademark on a back. It’s a usually conspicuous pattern underline of a smartphone, as it has been engraved and coloured, and this can be felt by using your finger over a logo.

The emanate is that a trademark is right where your finger rests on a back of a smartphone, and a somewhat angled edges of a cast constantly catch your fingers. It’s not painful, yet it’s a small irritating (a suspicion common by several of a Tech Advisor team).

Apart from a Razer trademark and display, a usually earthy underline of a phone we competence notice are a front-facing speakers above and next a display, that is half a reason a phone feels so high in a hand. We’ll examine a audio bravery later.

There are also round volume buttons on a left of a smartphone, yet these are placed serve down than on other smartphones. The placement, while it looks peculiar initially, creates clarity for gamers – they always in a approach when gaming in landscape. Not with a Razer Phone!

It’s a identical story with a energy button, yet it’s flush on a right-side of a arrangement so chain doesn’t matter as much. It’s still easy adequate to strech to close and clear a smartphone though adjusting your hold though, don’t worry!

The genuine deal-breaker? It facilities a 16:9, 5.7in display. While that might sound okay, many manufacturers already occupy bezel-less 18:9 displays in their smartphones. This allows for a incomparable arrangement in a smaller physique and for some is easier to use. The preference means that compared to bezel-less smartphones, a Razer Phone looks a small antiquated – on a surface, anyway.

Oh, and Razer motionless to follow Apple’s instance and ditched a 3.5mm headphone jack on a Razer Phone, featuring a solo USB-C pier instead. Admittedly, like Apple, a Razer Phone does come with a USB-C-to-3.5mm adapter for use with existent headphones, yet many users will expected need to make a switch to wireless headphones earlier or later.

So, it’s not a best-looking smartphone on a marketplace by any means, yet there’s a reason for some of a somewhat peculiar pattern choices. Let’s take a demeanour during why.

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