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The Razer Phone is built for gamers, with high-end specs, silky well-spoken shade and absolute stereo speakers. But do gamers wish a smartphone dedicated to gaming? 

With so most foe during a tip finish of a mobile market, and flagship handsets already charity good screens and a whole lot of energy for gaming, a Razer Phone is a confidant play from a organisation good famous for a gaming laptops and peripherals, and that is now anticipating a legions of fans will buy into a latest device.

This Android phone is focused on dual core elements: a shade and a sound. 

Its 5.7-inch arrangement packs a world’s initial 120Hz modernise rate on a smartphone, and it’s flanked by Dolby Atmos-tuned stereo speakers. The outcome is a handset that boasts some severely clever certification when it comes to visuals and audio, and with copiousness of energy underneath a hood.

Razer Phone cost and availability

  • Launch price: $699, £699 (around AU$890) SIM-free
  • Release date: Nov 17, 2017

The Razer Phone cost is $699, £699 (around AU$890) SIM-free, putting it adult opposite some of a best phones of a marketplace including a Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, LG V30 and Google Pixel 2.

You’ll be means to collect it adult from Razer’s online store in a US and UK, while those in a UK also have a choice it squeeze it on hit exclusively during Three. In a US, you’ll have to buy it during full price.

Three is also charity a Razer Phone for £594.99 on PAYG (pay as we go) with during slightest a £10 top-up, that brings a cost of a handset down by roughly £100.

The Razer Phone recover date is set for Nov 17 in a series of countries including a US, UK and Canada.

Razer told us it’s now looking during bringing a phone to Australia, while India has been ruled out and a Middle East is a probability after along a line.


  • World’s initial 120Hz smartphone gaming display
  • 5.7-inch LCD IGZO QHD (1440 x 2560)

Razer started with a shade when it came to build a Razer Phone, as it’s essential to a gaming knowledge – and it provides an knowledge we can’t get on any other phone in 2017.

On paper, a 5.7-inch LCD IGZO QHD (1440 x 2560) arrangement stable by Gorilla Glass 3 might not seem like anything special, putting it on a standard with many of a rivals in terms of distance and resolution; however there’s some-more to this shade than meets a eye.

Razer has opted for LCD record over a brighter, some-more colorful AMOLED tech you’ll find in a likes of a Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2 XL since it has a ability to broach aloft modernise rates and support rates. That’s ideal, of course, for 3D gaming.

The outcome is a arrangement that boasts a 120Hz non-static modernise rate, and is able of adult to 120fps (frames per second). It means transformation on shade is silky well-spoken – even only scrolling by your Twitter timeline we can conclude a aloft support rate as it glides effortlessly, and some-more quickly, underneath your fingers.

The QHD arrangement is splendid and clear, though lacks a tone pop

Dive into a settings and we can name a modernise rate we wish for a display, with 60Hz, 90hz and 120Hz being your options. Increasing a modernise rate sees scrolling turn smoother, and animations (app opening and so on) slicker.

Flicking between modernise rates and behaving a same movement (such as scrolling by your Twitter feed) does benefaction a smoother, some-more gratifying knowledge during 120Hz, though those though a penetrating eye on modernise rates will find a disproportion minimal.

Of course, a categorical reason for that quick modernise rate is gaming, and we’ll cover that in some-more fact on a subsequent page of this review.

Razer fans will expected conclude what’s being offering here, though it’s formidable to make a box for because this phone is value a income for some-more ubiquitous users. If feels some-more like a ‘nice to have’ device than a game-changer.

Dive into a settings and we can opt to downscale a arrangement fortitude to Full HD (1080p), that improves battery life.

However, we found a Razer Phone’s battery lasted a full day on a singular assign flattering comfortably, so we didn’t need this function.

The shade is crisp, transparent and bright, that ensures all looks great, from content to cinema to video.

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