Razer Phone update: Android 8.1 Oreo in a mix

Razer Phone users can download a Developer Preview for Android 8.1 Oreo right this minute, with a final recover entrance in April. This recover was announced by Razer this morning finish with links to downloads and a tip on a full release. With this proclamation we grow ever-so-slightly some-more assured in Razer’s loyalty to their initial smartphone with courtesy to program updates.

The Android 8.1 Oreo refurbish (developer preview edition) seemed for developers – or whoever else wanted to take partial – over during [Razer] during their Android Oreo Developer Preview Image for Razer Phone page. This recover creatively strike a internet on Mar 29th, 2018.

“Installing this bureau picture will erase all information from a Razer Phone,” pronounced a program update’s refurbish warning. “While it might be probable to revive certain information corroborated adult to your Google Account, apps and their compared information will be uninstalled. Before proceeding, greatfully safeguard that information we would like to keep is corroborated adult to your Google Account.”

OF IMPORTANT NOTE: Even some-more critical than a apparent mislaid information bit above is a following. Razer suggested in their recover that a following elements MAY not work during this preview: network connectivity, vigilance strength, extended voicemail, VoLTE support, and Wi-Fi job support. This is since these elements are potentially carrier-specific, and this is not a carrier-centric update, as such.

This developer preview picture was not given an OTA trail to a final open build. When that final build for Android 8.1 Oreo is released, users who’ve formerly commissioned a Oreo 8.1 DP will need to manually peep a update. So if you’re not wholly certain if we wish to take a time to peep this developer preview, skip it.

AT a same time, keep on channel your fingers on a highway to Project Linda. We’ll need some of that sweet, honeyed tradition growth to move Android adult to speed for a desktop experience. Some sweet, honeyed developer dancing feet.

Head to a Razer Android Oreo Developer Preview Image for Razer Phone page linked above. SlashGear is not obliged for any actions any reader takes before, during, or after a reading of this text. Truly, we contingency take shortcoming for yourself! For we am not your dad. Not even a small bit.

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