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2017 has brought us some fantastic smartphones. But if you’re looking for a phone that creates little-to-no scapegoat on a spec sheet, twin mount out above a rest.

The Razer Phone and a OnePlus 5T positively vanquish a foe on paper (with a difference of a few areas), yet there is a lot that separates these twin powerhouse phones. See that phone comes out on tip in this Razer Phone vs OnePlus 5T comparison.


These phones take unequivocally opposite approaches to design, with a Razer Phone fundamentally resurrecting a cultured of a Nextbit Robin and putting a cloak of Razer paint on top. The outcome is a matte black line-up with pointy corners and prosaic sides all around. Aside from a perfect distance of a phone, that doesn’t lend itself to a best one-handed usage, it’s tough not to like a blocky form cause that we no longer see opposite a smartphone marketplace these days.

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Which is where a OnePlus 5T comes in, a steel chunk that updates a continued pattern denunciation that was started in a OnePlus 3. Smooth steel is a pattern here, yet a smaller and some-more permitted distance is also a plume in a cap. OnePlus continues to put as many as it can, including a headphone jack, in a phone that is delightfully thin. Other facilities like a Alert Slider return, yet a fingerprint reader has been changed to a behind in a some-more permitted place, compared to a sensor embedded in a energy symbol of a Razer.

It’s roughly humorous to see a cosmetic phone called a Razer go adult opposite a OnePlus lead pattern – yet in their possess ways, both phones are unequivocally visually appealing. The Razer trademark on a behind will expected attract even remote fans of a gaming brand, while a 5T stays artless during initial and afterwards gets compliments for how neat it looks. But if doing is going to be a large understanding to you, a OnePlus 5T is unequivocally a bit easier on a hands.


Part of what creates a OnePlus so easy to hoop is a 18:9 Full HD AMOLED shade that a 5T rocks opposite a whole front. OnePlus did good to mislay a front confronting home symbol and fingerprint reader in sequence to make room for all that screen. It looks flattering good too, notwithstanding a reduce fortitude – OnePlus did a good pursuit optimizing how Oxygen OS looks on a display. There are a few facilities in a arrangement that unequivocally supplement to a appeal, like a well-done Always on Display and OnePlus’ possess chronicle of a Night Light. One underline we’ll always suffer on here is a Reading Mode, that indeed changes a arrangement to effectively obey an e-paper shade – a underline that is literally easier on a eyes.

None of these facilities are permitted on a Razer Phone IPS Quad HD 16:9 display, yet Razer was not to be outdone. Taking impulse from their laptop screens, a Razer rocks a row able of high modernise rates to go along with a support of high support rate content. Put together, this is called Ultramotion, and it is flattering incredible. Syncing a GPU with a modernise rate of a arrangement creates for a best probable suit digest no matter what calm is being consumed – anything from 60 fps video to 120 fps high peculiarity games to near-zero on a immobile homescreens. It’s tough not to see these enhancements when put adult opposite another screen, and in this comparison a Razer Phone is usually smoother than a competition.

With all that said, a Razer IPS shade doesn’t seem to get as splendid as it should during 100% and a tone facsimile could use a bit some-more punch compared to a OnePlus AMOLED display. But, Ultramotion is something we would adore to see implemented some-more via smartphones, and Razer usually competence have started that trend.

Performance hardware

Up until this point, there are unequivocally transparent differences between these twin phones, but, when removing underneath a unequivocally opposite screens, these twin stories start to converge. Performance is not lacking in possibly of these phones, with a Snapdragon 835 removing corroborated adult by a good volume of RAM during 8 GB. Few phones in a West indeed strike these specs and it is a pattern we mostly see in Asia, yet a spec inspired have twin flattering good options here. Razer also allows a user a tiny additional control over a speed and energy of a phone with a Game Booster, where even a time speed of a processor can be catered to high opening or battery saving levels.

Storage is a tiny bit of a opposite story, however, with a Razer make-up 64 GB that can be stretched with a microSD card. This is not a box with a OnePlus 5T, as it doesn’t concede for storage enlargement yet comes with a ton during 128 GB in a higher-end model.

Sound is a give-and-take, however, as a OnePlus 5T does keep a headphone jack while a Razer Phone puts it in an adapter that goes in a sole USB Type-C port. Many users competence not suffer this pattern choice by Razer, yet they during slightest commissioned a 24-bit DAC in a adapter – with a good span of headphones, a connected listening knowledge gets a outrageous boost. The front confronting speakers on a Razer are also some of a best that we’ve ever heard, handling to get unequivocally shrill though writing a highs or going overboard on a lows. It is even shrill adequate to reinstate tiny Bluetooth speakers. It comes down to priorities in this box – those who indeed wish a shrill orator phone can go with a Razer, while anyone station organisation on a inclusion of headphone jacks will cite a OnePlus.


Dual cameras are a box in possibly of these phones, yet there are incompatible philosophies. The Razer Phone rocks twin 12 MP lenses, with a wider lens sporting f/1.8 orifice and a telephoto lens bumping that adult to f/2.6.

While it has been good documented that a Razer Phone is exceedingly lacking in camera software, features, and to some border quality, there has given been an refurbish that hopes to redress some of those issues. we did get a refurbish and motionless to use this comparison as a time to exam it out. The camera refurbish creates a batch camera prove that lens is in use, yet there is tiny else combined into a tangible underline set – positively no mural mode, that is prominently shown on a OnePlus 5T camera UI.

Picture peculiarity has gotten a tiny bit of a boost, yet to be honest that isn’t observant much. Just like in a review, a camera continues to be a bit delayed generally with shiver loiter during HDR shooting. Never mind a fact that a camera tends to overexpose when HDR is off, requiring consistent tinkering with a bearing compensation. The cinema also still need improved tone rendering, as photos are customarily a bit reduction jam-packed and miss some contrariety to make things pop. Low-light situations make things even worse, with loud photos that can get even some-more confused out when a shiver loiter in HDR is during a longest.

OnePlus 5T camera samples

Taken on a own, a Razer Phone can put out some decent photos – it is unequivocally when a camera is put adult opposite other phones that a miss of peculiarity is apparent. And a OnePlus 5T, an permitted flagship smartphone, outputs many improved looking photos with distant some-more facilities and distant fewer headaches. HDR is an automobile environment and doesn’t keep a shiver open for long, creation high energetic operation photos many easier to capture. The mural mode in a rear-facing camera is a acquire further that is certain to greatfully mural enthusiasts, and additional modes like scenery already put a OnePlus UI over a minimal Razer software. Pictures entrance out of a 5T simply have improved energetic range, improved HDR, and are easier to capture.

Razer Phone camera samples

It is transparent that Razer is on their initial try with a smartphone camera, and it shows. OnePlus advantages from a longer pedigree, yet that doesn’t forgive a large omissions still benefaction in a Razer Phone.


And finally, in software, we have a integrate opposite ways of looking during Android. OnePlus has unequivocally grown Oxygen OS into a viable Android choice finish with a possess singular flavor. The Shelf is still a good place to put widgets and entrance discerning tasks, gestures are there if we wish to get somewhere fast, a night mode is unequivocally good implemented, and a well-spoken movements of a interface as a whole make for a fluid, beguiling experience. OnePlus does good to keep things plain yet still singular and personal.

Personalization, however, is one of a high points of a Razer Phone’s UI, interjection to a partnership with a unequivocally renouned third celebration launcher – Nova Launcher. With a Prime permit included, there are a ton of possibilities for customization in a interface: icons, appropriate gestures, and idol grid sizes usually blemish a aspect of what Nova Launcher fans have prolonged enjoyed. Razer keeps all else flattering stock, usually with a dash of Razer immature thrown on top.


Which comes out on top?

In a end, these twin powerhouse phones unequivocally uncover twin opposite philosophies in a Android flagship space – possibly we unequivocally kill it in a sold niche or try to yield all a best in each demeanour possible. What is so engaging about this comparison is that a OnePlus 5T manages to check so many boxes, yet undercuts a foe by during slightest $100. The Razer phone is an well-developed device that looks different, operates beautifully by a Ultramotion display, and sounds improved than many interjection to Dolby approved speakers and a DAC-enabled headphone jack adapter.

Though a camera is a deepest prove of row in a Razer Phone, we would not be astounded if some users avoid it in preference of a one-of-a-kind media expenditure experience. We unequivocally consider Razer has something on their hands and companies like OnePlus could erect their possess doing of it in a future. After all, OnePlus has finished so with a fingerprint reader, dim modes in a UI, Oxygen OS, Face Unlock, mural modes, and high spec sheets – creation it an easy recommendation if all we need is a good phone though a crazy price.

Which of these high powered inclination would we go for? Let us know in a comments next and tell us why!

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