Razer Project Linda review: Hands-on

Lapdocks have never been cool, nonetheless Razer has put an finish to that with Project Linda. It turns a Razer Phone into a entirely operative laptop and we’ve taken a demeanour during CES 2018.

Remembering behind to some crazy products like a Motorola Atrix and a laptop, we weren’t accurately astounded that a thought of a lapdock had apparently died out. 

The elementary thought is a arrange of manikin laptop that doesn’t have internals to work nonetheless is instead powered by a phone. Previous designs have been clunky and ungainly nonetheless Razer competence have usually nailed it. 

Price and availability

Project Linda is still in a judgment form during a moment, nonetheless Razer has operative prototypes. 

This means there’s no information about how most it will cost or when it will arrive. That’s if it ever does with Razer observant it’s put a device out during CES to guage reaction.

Considering a volume of awards it’s won (including a Tech Advisor Top Pick) and a certain reception, we’re carefree that it will be something that does come to market. 

Considering a device works with a newly launched Razer Phone (£595 from Three), we wish that Linda will go on sale this year before a phone gets out of date.

If we had to theory on a price, we’d put it during £300-500 and Razer could good sell a gold with a phone and lapdock for around £1,000 – maybe saving we a few quid compared to shopping both separately.

So it’s an costly square of pack deliberation we need a phone to make it do anything nonetheless is also twin gadgets in one so could paint a large saving.

Razer Project Linda lapdock

Design and build

We’ve never unequivocally favourite lapdocks most since they tend to demeanour flattering balderdash and use an ungainly advancing system. The Motorola Atrix, for example, docked behind a screen.

Razer has finished a good pursuit of conceptualizing Project Linda, regulating a resources of knowledge building neat and well-made laptops.

The organisation has taken a Blade Stealth and radically tweaked it to fit a Razer Phone in. The measure have been tweaked a small and a keyboard has been changed closer to a display.

It’s still finished from a same CNC aluminium and a framework is 15mm. The laptop weighs 1.25kg including a weight of a phone.

Razer Project Linda phone dock

As we can see a trackpad is left and in a place is a hole where we slip a Razer Phone in. There are a integrate of rubber bumpers during a behind to reason it in place and a soothing fabric to equivocate scratches.

Slot it in and pull a advancing symbol on a keyboard and a motorised USB-C connector plugs into a phone. Now that’s how we make a lapdock cool.

Once in place a phone’s arrangement becomes a trackpad finish with two-finger scrolling gestures and a like. There’s usually no pull to click or course. A crafty cut out during a front means we can still use a phone’s energy symbol that also has an embedded fingerprint scanner that stays serviceable when docked.

The headphone jack on a phone is dark divided nonetheless there’s one on a side of a laptop chassis. You’ll also find a USB-C pier and a full-size USB pier nonetheless no SD label slot. The speakers built into a phone are a usually ones in use. 

Razer Project Linda lid

Overall a device looks and feels unequivocally nice, with Razer’s common high customary of build quality. You get a common facilities like a backlit trademark on a lid and a keyboard feels good as well.

It’s got Chroma lighting, despite not utterly as modernized compared to Razers full-blown laptops. Razer will need to work on palm rejecting by a time Linda goes on sale so we can form though random submit around a phone’s screen. 

The keyboard is also customised for Android with dedicated keys for things like home, voice hunt and uncover all apps. You can also do things like Alt+Tab to switch between apps.

Specs and features

Since a Project Linda lapdock is powered by a Razer Phone it doesn’t indeed have many specs of a own.

The pivotal component is that a Snapdragon 835, corroborated by a decent 8GB of RAM, is tasked with regulating everything. Considering there are Windows 10 inclination rising with a same processor inside, it should be capable.

We’ll have to wait and see usually how most it can hoop nonetheless as a device is a bit cart during a moment, being a prototype.

Razer Project Linda screen

Razer tells us it will be means to cope with any Android game. Some will even work with rodent and keyboard. Linda will even run program like Adobe Lightroom, despite a mobile version, of course. 

So a categorical square of hardware is a arrangement which, like a Blade Stealth, is 13.3in and Razer aims to launch it as Quad HD, 120Hz and hold input. The antecedent we saw was Full HD and non-touch as a one Razer wants doesn’t exist yet.

The neat thing is that a Razer Phone’s 5.7in arrangement will not usually be a trackpad nonetheless also a second screen. So when you’re gaming things like maps or pivotal info will seem on a phone and, for example, your gallery of photos competence seem there when regulating Lightroom.

There’s roughly unconstrained things developers could do with a second shade setup that is utterly exciting.

With a Project Linda means of both gaming and work, a 64GB of storage inside a Razer Phone competence not be enough. So a organisation has put 200GB of storage inside a lapdock to palliate a aria and we can keep apps and media on a device that you’ll usually use in laptop mode.

As mentioned earlier, there’s UBS-C for energy and a unchanging USB pier for plugging in accessories.

Razer Project Linda ports

The laptop also has a webcam and twin microphones so if someone calls or video calls you, this can take place though even undocking a phone – nonetheless we can if we wish to.

Although advancing a phone inside an aluminium bombard dramatically restricts a antenna, a lapdock has a possess to assistance boost a signal.

With a 53.6Wh battery, Project Linda is also a outrageous powerbank for a phone. As shortly as we wharf it, a phone will start charging and Razer says a inner battery can assign a handset 3 times – considerable stuff.

Project Linda provides a desktop sourroundings interjection to Sentio Desktop. Razer has worked with a builder to emanate a knowledge it wants. Overall, it works like a Samsung DeX nonetheless in a laptop rather than a wharf plugged into a monitor. 

Razer Project Linda fingerprint scanner

There’s still work to be finished nonetheless it provides things like a taskbar during a bottom, easy entrance to discerning settings, presentation core and even a arrange of start menu. Importantly, we can run apps in resizable windows and provides rodent cursor support. 

It all seems to work unequivocally well, nonetheless maybe not utterly as good as a Samsung DeX. As mentioned earlier, Razer has put a series of dedicated Android buttons on a keyboard.

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