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I chuckled when we was initial briefed about Razer’s latest concept, Project Linda. It’s a phone wharf that turns the Razer Phone into a laptop! That judgment has been finished before, and it has always been deeply and profoundly stupid. But Razer’s take on a reticent thought has usually adequate polish, even in this judgment stage, to indeed feel kind of cool.

And it’s totally given Project Linda uses a phone as a touchpad.

There’s an definite cold cause to carrying a touchpad that also happens to be a 120Hz 15cm display. Razer says that should Project Linda ever pierce from antecedent to production, afterwards a phone would double as an tangible display, arrangement applicable information when personification games or regulating certain applications. For now, it goes dim and we usually get a magnificently silken touchpad to control a laptop. It does many things a touchpad is approaching to do. You indicate corkscrew with dual fingers or dash to zoom, and for a left click, we usually simply daub a phone’s glass. The drumming has a biggest training curve, yet we picked it adult fast in a time we spent with Linda.

What you’re indeed determining is Android, with a tradition desktop skin by Sentio. Whenever we bond a phone to a laptop, a skin pops adult onto a laptop’s 33cm 1080p arrangement after a formally Razer-ish (i.e. green) dash screen. Then we have entrance to all a essence of your Razer Phone, usually vaguely Window-ized by Sentio, a association that also produces laptop docks for Android phones — yet nothing scarcely as superb as Project Linda.

Image: Raul Marrero/Gizmodo

The whole thing feels suggestive of a latest chronicle of Chrome OS, that also lets we use Android apps on a laptop. But Razer claims a thought wasn’t to take advantage of a increasingly desktop-friendly inlet of Android apps. That was usually a bonus. Instead, a association wanted to marry dual of a products, a Razer Phone, that launched final year, and a Razer Blade Stealth.

At a peek Razer seems to have achieved a goal. This thing looks and feels like a Razer Blade Stealth. It’s usually 1kg when a phone’s in place, and usually half an in. thicker than a customary laptop. The thing has a USB-C port, as good as USB 3.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack. Razer says it would also adore to fit some kind of arrangement outlay on a laptop. That should be doable as a courage of a things are flattering sparse. The critical things is all on a phone. The laptop partial consists mostly of a 53.6 Whr battery (enough to assign a Razer Phone 3 times over), storage (so we can leave files or hulk apps on a laptop), and a 4K arrangement (so we can see stuff).

Image: Raul Marrero/Gizmodo

But let’s be real, a coolest thing about a Linda isn’t a specs, it’s how a phone indeed docks with a laptop. Because it’s totally mechanised. There’s no jamming things in or perplexing to chair a phone usually right. Instead we dump it into a suede-lined container where it sits flush with a laptop. Then we press a singular button, and with a small whir, a USB-C block pops right into a phone’s port. To undock we press a same button.

And if we do it adequate times, a phone will bug out and a Razer repute will take it from you. This thing looks and feels impossibly polished, yet it is really still a prototype. Besides that bug (the phone takes a few seconds to switch from a Sentios desktop to a normal phone launcher) there were a few others we beheld in my time with a device.

But that’s because this thing is called Project Linda and not a Razer Phone Dock or Razer Death Scorpion Rattle Killer or something. It’s Razer dipping a toe into a H2O and saying what things demeanour like. And with Android and Chrome stability to merge, it’s indeed not a bad time to perform experiments like this. In fact, this is simply a best chronicle of this generally terrible judgment I’ve seen. we could almost, almost, see myself coveting this – something we haven’t finished given my Motorola Atrix was a many unsatisfactory phone we ever purchased.

We were in Las Vegas during CES 2018! Click here to review the finish coverage.

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