Razer wants the smartphone to be a laptop

Hot off rising a first smartphone pitched to gamers, mechanism hardware association Razer is angling to make that phone your usually device. At a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week a association introduced Project Linda, a bombard of a laptop powered by a company’s smartphone.

Razer isn’t a initial to try to lift off a phone/laptop combo; Motorola had a matching judgment in 2011 called a Atrix Lapdock, and Samsung has attempted to have a smartphone adjust into a desktop computer, with a assistance of a wharf and screen.

But Razer’s try differs. The laptop looks roughly matching to Razer’s Blade code of gaming laptops, solely for a smartphone-shaped good where a laptop’s trackpad typically sits. To use it, we dump your Razer smartphone into a gap, and press a symbol in a upper-right of a laptop’s keyboard. A USB-C mechanically slides into a phone, and a phone screen’s essence are shown on a laptop screen. Since a phone naturally has a screen, a touchpad also becomes a second arrangement for anything; we could suppose it arrangement wallpaper or even a record browser when summoned.

The laptop bombard doesn’t have a customary internals of a laptop, instead being mostly a box for a 1080p display, 53.6 Whr battery, and a tough expostulate to extend a phone’s storage.

Razer showed 3 laptop/smartphone combos on a CES floor, and stressed that a inclination are early prototypes. The section that we attempted compulsory me to use a rodent to control a laptop’s cursor, since a touchscreen of a phone still couldn’t be used as a trackpad.

Apps like a Google Chrome browser fast snapped on screen, and on a aspect a device acted a lot like Samsung’s DeX, that I reviewed final year. To by-pass a phone’s low discriminate energy compared to a gaming PC, Razer has partnered with Shadow, a association that runs games on their possess servers and afterwards streams them to low-power computers with really small loiter (depending on a internet connection).

The phone is still a “project” rather than a full product, and Razer hasn’t pronounced if it skeleton to indeed make these inclination and sell them in a subsequent year.

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