Razer Wireless Charger for Razer Phone 2 review: All-in on Chroma!

First and inaugural is a price, that is going to be too high for some people. Then again, if we bought a code new Razer Phone 2, maybe spending an additional $100 for a unequivocally good wireless horse with intense RGB is a no-brainer.

Even yet this horse uses Qi Wireless Fast Charging, we still found it to be significantly slower than a connected tie that was reliable by measuring a charging stream regulating Ampere. Charging a Razer Phone 2 on a Razer Wireless Charger delivered stream in a operation of between 790 mA and 1390 mA. Compare that to a measurements from a connected tie that consistently delivered 1870 mA of stream and usually dipped down to a wireless levels if a phone was in use while charging.

That means that even during a best speeds, a Razer Wireless Charger is usually ever going to strech charging speeds allied to regulating your phone as it charges while plugged into a wall. This information was reliable when we totalled a sum time it takes to entirely assign a Razer Phone 2 wirelessly and connected — it took a wireless charging pad 3 hours to take a Razer Phone 2’s 4000mAh battery from 1% to 100% and only dual hours to entirely assign a device plugged in.

Now we should never design Qi wireless charging to be as quick as a connected connection, it’s only not realistic, though this speed discrepency can be an emanate in certain situations. There’s been some-more than a few times where we forget to assign my phone and see a low battery warning when I’m about prepared to leave a house. In those moments, I’m always going to be plugging my phone in for a half hour rather than dropping it onto a charging pad.

Some other teenager gripes: we wish a enclosed USB-C wire was longer. It’s a same character and length as a one that comes with your phone that is good for apparent reasons, though we can suppose it somtimes being wily to find a available place to set it adult that’s tighten adequate to an outlet. And we wish there was a bit more customization enclosed with a Chroma effects, like respirating between dual opposite colors or regulating a Bluetooth tie to sync a charger’s Chroma to app notifications. Having pronounced all that, it’s still a best wireless horse privately for a Razer Phone 2, though not one that we would zodiacally recommend.

Razer Phone 2 Wireless Charger Should we buy it?


If we bought a Razer Phone 2 in partial since it had that super cold Chroma trademark on a back, it’s protected to assume that this wireless horse is right adult your alley.

It’s ideally designed for a Razer Phone 2 and will looks illusory on your bedside table, your bureau table during work, or mix right in subsequent to your RGB PC setup.

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