Razer’s new Sila router is primed to broach lag-free gaming connections

Although Razer done a start in a gaming space by building sleek laptops, mice, and keyboard accessories, a association clearly wants to possess some-more of a gaming ecosystem. Newer product categories embody a gaming phone and speakers, and today, Oct 3, Razer is entering a wireless router market. The Razer Sila is a tri-band (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) router that promises to broach lag-free gaming connectors for $250, or 300 euros, starting today.

“Meet Razer Sila — a initial gaming router that isn’t only built to broach unhindered speed, though lets we prioritize your applications for well-spoken wireless gaming performance,” Razer pronounced on a website. “Say goodbye to undiluted Wi-Fi networks and knowledge arguable throughput anytime and anywhere during home.”

As a router, a Sila shares a identical design language with Razer’s new phone and Blade 15 gaming laptop. Unlike some other offerings in a space, it doesn’t come with a garland of extending antennas, and Razer practical a minimalist pattern truth by housing a router’s 9 antennas internally in a slim black box.

To give gamers a tie speeds they crave, a Sila relies on Razer’s FasTrack QoS engine to prioritize bandwidth for gaming applications and conduct trade when there are too many inclination in use. “By regulating low parcel investigation and adaptive training technology, Razer FasTrack allows users to prioritize trade formed on focus and device types, from mobile phones and intelligent TVs by to laptops, PCs or consoles,” Razer pronounced in a statement. “With built-in showing for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch consoles, users can simply excellent balance their networks for a smoothest gaming or streaming experiences. Razer FasTrack also facilities a one-touch gaming mode, to automatically haven bandwidth for online gaming.”

The Sila is an 802.11ac wireless router that also adds support for wireless filigree networking. By joining mixed Sila routers together, users can sweeping a incomparable home or space with quick Wi-Fi coverage. It supports multi-user MIMO and beam-forming record to urge coverage. And like many complicated filigree networking devices, Sila comes with a possess messenger app, accessible as a giveaway download on iOS and Android devices, that allows users to fast setup their routers, conduct guest networks, and configure parental controls.

If we cite to use a connected tie instead, a Sila also comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It has dual USB ports, one of that is a slower USB 2.0 port, for joining inclination like a printer or outmost storage drive.

Though not wholly new to a router market, Razer is heavily compelling a Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS record on a Sila. This allows a router to indicate and automatically switch we to a best channel to equivocate congestion. Razer claims that it “utilizes radar-sensing hardware that grants we disdainful entrance into routinely limited bandwidth frequencies.” We’ll have to exam Sila to see how it performs compared to a peers.

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