Razer’s Nommo Chroma speakers sound (and look) spectacular

These Razer speakers also get really loud, yet a sound always stays abounding with no distortion. For gaming, being means to hear in-game footsteps with a positional audio seemed glorious too.

The further of RGB lighting is a good touch, yet we can spin it off or spin a liughtness down if it’s too distracting. If we go all-in on RGB lighting for your PC, a Nommo Chroma’s supplement a nice, non-audacious hold of color.

The genuine reason to cruise a $150 Nommo Chroma, though, is for USB audio, that is richer and sounds improved than a 3.5 mm wire.

For those who wish even more, Razer is approaching to offer a Nommo Pro for around $500 after this year. That complement adds separate, Dupont Kevlar fiber drivers and silk-woven tweeters with a separate, downward banishment subwoofer. All of that is also THX-audio approved (Razer bought THX in late 2016, that is one reason it is removing into audio some-more heavily these days).

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