Razer’s Project Linda phone-laptop hybrid is CES 2018’s coolest gadget

It’s turn a tradition for gaming hulk Razer to uncover off a weird judgment device at CES. This year, it didn’t disappoint. Following adult on a eyewatering three-screen gaming arrangement from final year is a laptop with a smartphone built into a chassis. We got some hands-on time with one of these prototypes and came divided impressed.

Project Linda looks like an typical 13.3-inch laptop from afar, though get closer and you’ll see since it’s opposite from anything on a market. A rectilinear hole where a touchpad would routinely lay acts as a advancing station. Compatible with a new Razer Phone, a cutout has a retractable USB pier that connects and disconnects a smartphone. When connected, a phone acts as a touchpad for a laptop, fluctuating all a essence of a 5.7-inch arrangement onto a unstable computer.

Its support is a Razer Blade Stealth with a few engaging modifications. For one, there aren’t any speakers—the hybrid relies wholly on a front-facing stereo speakers of a phone. Also, a energy symbol was transposed by a fingerprint sensor on a side and a computer’s framework is 0.05-inches thicker to accommodate a phone. we also beheld a keyboard was customized for Android, with a dedicated home, back, app launcher, and Google Assistant buttons. The resource does still embody a 720p webcam, audio jack, and USB-A and USB-C ports.

The resource that allows a phone to wharf into a laptop is discerning and seamless. Just place a phone in a felt-lined container and press a special hardware pivotal on a keyboard. A USB-C pier slides out from a left side of a wharf and thatch a device in place. we was agreeably astounded by how fast and reliably a phone connected to a laptop and there was something intensely gratifying about a mechanism’s electronic “zip” noise.

Project Linda doesn’t raise a opening of your smartphone with a hardware from a laptop, like a Surface Pro does with a inscription display. It’s all about bringing a convenience of a laptop’s pattern (large display, gentle keyboard) to a smartphone. The appurtenance is powered wholly by a smartphone’s system-on-a-chip (the laptop bottom usually includes 200GB of storage and an additional battery).

The judgment worked improved than expected. After a few seconds, a phone’s Android interface popped adult on a laptop arrangement though a hitch. Unfortunately, functionality is limited. The laptop can usually counterpart what’s on a phone’s display, that creates it good for gaming and capability apps though not many more. In a future, Razer hopes a dual can duty together while displaying opposite content, permitting a phone to act as a arrange of Wii U gamepad for a laptop screen. However, many apps won’t be optimized for a new submit until developers get their hands on collection for this one-of-a-kind device.

But these aren’t genuine concerns because, like a concepts before it, Linda is expected zero some-more than a attempt to cut by a sound of CES.

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