Re-Review: A few months later, a Essential Phone finally nails down a essentials

Earlier this year I reviewed a Essential Phone, a initial product to come from Andy Rubin’s startup of a same name. At a time, it was a $700 device perplexing to contest directly with a rest of Android’s flagships in one of a many noted years in utterly some time. There were a lot of good phones in 2017, and a Essential Phone simply fell by a cracks.

The best gifts for Android users

A few months later, however, a lot has changed. The Essential Phone has a new cloak of paint, a new build of software, and many importantly, a approach reduce cost point. Is it value it now? Let’s take a closer look.


Still a best

When it comes to hardware, zero has altered given my initial thoughts behind in September. This is still a best hardware we can buy on a smartphone marketplace today. The ceramic and titanium build is simply fantastic, and a new tone usually creates it better. we was means to switch to a white version a while back, and it eliminates a one problem we did have — fingerprints.

Long story short, we still consider a hardware here is scarcely perfect, and it’s very estimable of a cost indicate both now, and behind when it was expensive.


Progressing nicely, yet still with bruise spots

Now, let’s speak about what’s indeed changed, and that starts with a software. Since a PH-1’s launch, 3 betas for Android Oreo have left out, and they’re fast surpassing to a final rollout. Admittedly, there are still some problems a association is going to have to work through, a biggest being hold latency and pointless loiter spikes, yet overall, I’m flattering happy regulating a Essential Phone.

Oreo means a lot to me on a phone in 2018, as a pointed changes Google done and a new facilities like picture-in-picture usually finish a Android experience. On a Essential Phone, these facilities work unequivocally well, and Oreo runs good on this hardware. As we mentioned, a association still has some work to do when it comes to stability, yet it’s removing better.

It finally has features!

As for new features, Essential has also done adult a bit of ground. One thing we privately called out in my examination was fingerprint gestures — one of my favorite facilities from a Google Pixel and Huawei devices. In a recent program update, that was added. Other requested facilities such as Portrait mode have also given been added, and there’s a lot some-more on a approach according to Essential’s final AMA.


It’s indeed flattering decent now…

The biggest problem everybody had with a Essential Phone during launch was a dual-camera. While a camera hardware was good, a program incited a shots it constructed into digital dumpster fires. It was terrible, yet it’s gotten many better. Part of that is interjection to Essential’s possess work improving a camera app, yet many of it is interjection to third-party developers.

… If we use Google’s camera app

A pier of a Google Camera app from a Pixel dramatically improves a formula when sharpened with a Essential Phone. It’s still not perfect, or good to be honest, yet it’s distant some-more excusable than it was.

Taken on Essential w/ Essential camera app Taken on Essential w/ Google Camera app


A estimable phone for $499, yet with unbending competition

Looking past all a improvements, though, it all comes down to price. If a Essential Phone still ordered a $699 cost tab it had during launch, I’d still have a lot of difficulty recommending it to anyone yet income to burn. However, that’s not a case. Essential gave a PH-1 a massive cost cut to $499.

At that price, it’s overtly one of a improved buys. You’re removing good specs, a decent camera, stream software, and the best hardware on a phone today. The usually aspirant here is the OnePlus 5T which, admittedly, is about equal when it comes to value for a money. It’s going to come down to a matter of personal welfare here, yet also circumstance. The 5T is excellent, yet it usually works on GSM carriers, where a Essential Phone works everywhere.


At a finish of a day, if we were looking to buy an Android phone for $499, a Essential Phone would substantially tip my list. It’s not perfect, distant from it in fact, yet it’s an glorious device finally sole for a right price.

That said, though, I’m intensely meddlesome to see what Essential has in store for 2018. Hopefully, we’ll see a phone with identical hardware to this, usually with some-more of a kinks worked out and a right cost indicate out of a box.

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