Rear Cameras in a Google Pixel 2 and 2XL Crash Post Dec Update

There has been a spate of complaints from a users of a Google Pixel 2 and 2XL that their camera app crashes. The evident anticipating is that a difficulty is with a back camera of these dual inclination and hence a app crashes. The other fact that has emerged is that a bug has flush immediately after a users have downloaded and commissioned a Dec refurbish perceived from Google.

Details Posted on Pixel Forum

The finish sum of this curiosity have been posted by a user on a village page of a Pixel Phone Help platform. The post refers to a specific refurbish temperament anxiety build QQ1A.191205.008. After installing this update, a camera duty in a person’s Google Pixel 2 failed.

The person posting this says he or she attempted holding selfies and it worked. The back camera catastrophic to work when it was accessed by other apps like WhatsApp, etc. The chairman also says he or she attempted any pretence available, including rebooting in a Safe Mode as good as doing a bureau reset. The camera catastrophic on any of a occasions. The post goes on to yield a step by step sum of how a particular attempted solution a emanate though was unsuccessful.

The post was finished by a chairman requesting for assistance in solution a issue.

Google Pixel Phones Popular for Their Cameras

Google has had a sincerely successful run with a optics department. With any new iteration, a cameras started removing improved and have been consistently scoring high in comparison with a contemporary models in a market. This emanate with a camera crashing on Google Pixel 2 and 2XL competence come as a plea to Google. The association will presumably find a repair in a entrance days.

The other aspect to be deliberate by Google will be to check if it should keep updating a aged models with a latest program versions. The harmony of a comparison era hardware with a latest era program might need to be revisited.

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