Red Magic Mars Review: Arguably a best value gaming phone accessible currently [Video]

It’s extraordinary to cruise that gaming smartphones are now a ‘thing’, and that some-more and some-more brands are adopting this new, nearby dedicated device trend. The Red Magic Mars is many unequivocally a trend-follower rather than a trendsetter, nonetheless in all honesty, it unequivocally is utterly a good phone that’s merely hold behind by a unequivocally gamer-heavy design.

The thing is, we turn critique during smartphones for being a tiny bit ‘samey’ or tedious in a pattern stakes. Most of a time it’s unequivocally overly oppressive critique too as in existence there unequivocally isn’t tons we can do with a chunk of display.

That said, it doesn’t meant we wish to see over-the-top investigation with pattern and device aesthetic. Some things are excellent a approach they are, especially as years of pattern iteration and user knowledge proves time and time again that sold pattern or blueprint works.

This is substantially one of a core reasons that a emergent ‘gaming phone’ marketplace will have to understanding with ‘different’ aesthetics nonetheless a same inner specs as roughly any other normal phone for a tiny bit longer. we privately still don’t know since we would select a gaming phone over a normal phone. The reason being that many embody all a same capabilities and specifications. Maybe a adorned ‘gamer look’ is what people are looking for?

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Design Hardware

As we have already mentioned, gaming phones by their unequivocally inlet are directed during a opposite aim market. The problem here lies with what companies seem to cruise a ‘gamer’ wants in altogether aesthetic. So instead of neat lines and minimal colors or edges, a gamer is someone who clearly has to have angles, edges and heated RGB lighting. Or during slightest that’s a memo that roughly any singular gaming-focused device has motionless to collect up.

The Nubia Red Magic Mars is many unequivocally a mash-up of any inexpensive Chinese RGB automatic keyboard and Doritos Xbox One #gamer advert you’ve ever seen. If we were disturbed that people didn’t cruise we were a top-tier gamer, afterwards a Red Magic Mars many unequivocally creates it clear.

I can’t contend a build peculiarity is bad though. No, a brushed matte black aluminium framework is stout and it unequivocally does feel large in a hand — in a certain sense. There is tiny to 0 flex in a physique either. This is a unequivocally good built handset that does confute a cost tag.

At a behind of a phone is an pointed arrange of pyramid pattern that has red fins and a verbatim large prolonged skinny RGB LED that leads to tiny hexagonal — and overtly approach too small — fingerprint reader. The solo camera has a lead red accent that matches a red fins — that are indeed atmosphere vents.

These atmosphere vents work in tandem with a glass cooling complement that is partly a reason a Red Magic Mars has a tilted behind plate. we can’t contend we have beheld any additional feverishness dissipation as a outcome of these vents and this glass cooling complement in all honesty.

As this is a gaming phone, there is one further that we cruise is flattering neat. The edges embody dedicated capacitive shoulder buttons that can be mapped to in-game actions — that to be honest is a unequivocally good further from a phone that has been designed to play games.

There is also a gaming toggle adult on a tip left corner of a device, that during initial we suspicion was a notification toggle like you’d find on OnePlus smartphones. Instead, this launches into a arrange of dashboard for all of your now commissioned games and allows we to launch directly into any one. Again this was surprisingly good to find games to play or to conduct them yet carrying to enter your app drawer.

As is mostly a case, cheaper inclination are still given to sire a trend and hang with a headphone port. The Red Magic Mars is no opposite and keeps it nonetheless with an up-top positioning. Not my favorite course nonetheless we suffer it being there.


Red Magic Mars Display

The LCD arrangement on a Red Magic Mars doesn’t have a notch, that is useful when we are personification games fullscreen. we wouldn’t contend it’s a good arrangement nonetheless it’s simply okay. You skip out on a low blacks and abounding colors that are partial and parcel of an AMOLED display. There is also no high modernise rate that we’ve seen on handsets like a Razer Phone 2 — that we are nonetheless to get a hands on.

I can’t contend we was large tender nonetheless during a same time, we also can’t contend we was massively disappointed. Viewing angles are flattering good as is mostly a box with an LCD display. It is many unequivocally not top-tier by any widen nonetheless it isn’t terrible either. Middle of a highway arrangement performance.

Software Performance

Luckily a Red Magic Mars runs on a somewhat mutated Stock Android. It comes with Android Pie right out of a box that is a large reward in my eyes. There is unequivocally tiny to 0 grow to cruise of detached from a few device-specific facilities like a LED government app and device user manual.

It’s unequivocally slim and so with a Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM inside my examination section sees this device simply fly. That said, I’m not certain if it’s a arrangement or a OS build I’m regulating nonetheless it does seem a tiny bit choppy during times. Maybe we beheld this some-more so than someone who doesn’t barter between inclination all that mostly though.

Red Magic Mars program and performance

As is customary, we stranded Nova Launcher on a phone and it didn’t unequivocally feel a good understanding opposite nonetheless a homescreen did demeanour a lot better. The customary batch icons are a tiny bit too industrial and block for my preference. we would always advise experimenting until we find a setup and launcher complement that suits we best though.

It’s also value observant that there is no gesticulate navigation process on a Red Magic Mars — even after some critical digging we could find any environment to capacitate them. we was anticipating for Pixel gestures nonetheless we am not unfortunate with onscreen navigation buttons as they make ideal clarity in day-to-day usage.

I’ve attempted a whole horde of games on a Red Magic Mars and not a singular one taxed a phone during any indicate that we can remember — some bucket times are terrible with a games we tested no matter a hardware though. 3D titles like Asphalt, Fortnite, Pro Evolution Soccer and even my stream favorite; PinOut, ran flawlessly.


The 3,800mAh battery is what we would call big. we know we are saying some-more inclination intrude on that 4,000mAh ability nonetheless this is still a large battery that unequivocally does energy by a day with complicated use no problems. Heavy gaming use nonetheless is another story entirely.

Once we holder adult a settings regulating a gaming toggle to a high-performance mode, a battery does take a bit of a hit. Games run smoother nonetheless battery life does seem to dump a few percent faster with any 15 to 20-minute increment. we didn’t pattern anything else to occur and even so it still manages to hoop high-end Android games yet unequivocally removal during a large rate. Used as in whatever approach we could cruise regressive or ‘normally’ and this phone can some-more than final a day yet any hiccups.


Obviously, as an affordable gaming phone, a camera is never going to be a core offered point. we will contend that a 16-megapixel back camera is indeed many some-more considerable than we was primarily expecting. we found images to have good energetic operation with good accurate colors. The many unequivocally miss fact once we wizz in and start truly inspecting a images though.

Red Magic Mars Camera

The camera modes do leave a lot to be desired. There is a Pro mode that we couldn’t unequivocally get to grips with. There is no mural mode during all, so if we are a fan of abyss effects, afterwards we won’t get them here. You can do some multi-exposure things and there are a few modes that simply don’t make clarity to me since they need a tripod — and when that is a box we would roughly always opt for my tangible camera.

On tip of a stills a video modes are again limited, to contend a least. You get 4K recording during adult to 30fps that has no stabilization that we can discern. It’s not totally obsolete nonetheless it isn’t accurately great. There is 1080p 60fps recording on a back camera nonetheless again that peculiarity isn’t great. If we wish delayed suit modes, we will possibly have to demeanour elsewhere or wish that an app on a Google Play Store will assistance we out.

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I am not a outrageous mobile gamer, so a change to a gaming phone meant we attempted a lot of mobile games that we maybe wouldn’t have felt prone to do before. we privately don’t cruise that a Red Magic Mars hardware is all that appealing and a over-played ‘gamer’ pattern unequivocally does need to die out.

The additional cooling facilities didn’t seem to make a good understanding of disproportion in my experience. It competence help, we usually simply don’t know yet a approach of contrast a feverishness abolition with a thermal camera before, during and after gaming on this phone. we am a outrageous fan of a fundamentally Stock Android knowledge though. This alone helps a device massively as nonetheless there is a ornate gamer feel, we can tinge it down in a program roughly instantly.

My usually emanate with a whole device is that, like many other gaming phones, we don’t cruise it does adequate to compute from a OnePlus line or any flagship detached from a pricing. we cruise privately we would be improved off opting for a OnePlus 6T and regulating a gaming mode on that handset if we are an fervent mobile gamer.

Until we get dedicated chipsets and GPUs for mobile gaming, we can’t overtly see them being a intelligent investment unless a cost cause is value it. Luckily in a box of a Red Magic Mars, a cost isn’t too bank-breaking that it will be out of strech for a many hardcore of mobile gamers out there.

The phone is available for pre-order directly from Nubia right now nonetheless can be had online from other retailers. If you’re unequivocally dauntless we can import a phone directly from China nonetheless as is always a box we do not suggest this from a guaranty and support standpoint.

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